China has once again made every effort to block the compromises in the war between China and Russia.

China has once again made every effort to block the compromises in the war between China and Russia.

Headline: in the early hours of this morning, China did its best to stop the war

The UN Security Council adopted a more stringent resolution on sanctions in Beijing this morning, including all 15 countries including China and Russia.

In November 29th, the DPRK successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile test, believed to cover the United States, with a strong shock to the United States. Then in Washington this month to the United Nations draft new sanctions on North Korea, the request to cut off oil supplies completely, the implementation of a naval blockade on North Korea, countries immediately expelled all North Korean workers, North Korea cut off all exports, the main leaders and so on sanctions against North korea. The United States also asked the Council to give it to break on North korea.

Around the draft proposed by the United States, China and Russia have engaged in tough consultations with the United States. According to the global times, China resolutely opposes the resolutions of the Security Council and gives any hints to allow the us to use the force, and resolutely disagrees with the possible implementation of the maritime military blockade that may lead to conflicts. The US side made a compromise.

In addition, the final resolution did not declare the embargo on the DPRK according to the requirements of the US, but further reduced the volume of Korean refined oil imports from 2 million barrels per year to 500 thousand barrels. The sanctions against Korean individuals have been increased, but the list does not include the main leaders of the DPRK. The time for the Korean workers to leave the country of employment is also extended for two years. North Korea's exports and imports from China are subject to further restrictions, but they are not completely prohibited.

The new sanctions resolution shows that the international community is opposed to the coherence and solidarity of North Korea's nuclear weapons, and also shows the common resolve of big powers to take actions to prevent North Korea from further developing nuclear technology. At the same time, the difference between the new resolution and the original draft of the United States also reflects the will of China and Russia against the chaos of the war students of the peninsula. If you accept the U. S. draft, it means that it will be the last sanctions resolution, and then there will be only the war options.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is already very dangerous. If the new sanctions resolution can prompt North Korea to understand the necessity of stopping nuclear missile activities, it will also make the United States more patient and form the resultant force to break the stalemate, which will be what the international community wants to see.

In recent two years, the development of Korea's nuclear development has been accelerated, and the technological breakthrough is obvious. However, the sanctions resolutions of the Council have been continuously followed up. Only 3 new sanctions resolutions have been issued this year. North Korea has got more mature nuclear technology, but its security situation has also deteriorated. After several rounds of sanctions, North Korea's foreign trade is running out, and oil imports have been repeatedly compressed. The US military threat is more and more not just oral. It is undoubtedly the most unsafe time since the end of last 50s war.

Pyongyang has always hoped that China and Russia can prevent further sanctions against the Council, but first, it is opposed by China and Russia that they own and develop nuclear weapons. Second, the position of China and Russia must be coordinated with the universal aspirations of the international community. China and Russia can resist the extreme demands of the United States, but they can not fight with the common will of the international community.

Chinese society is not only opposed to the North Korea's nuclear power, but also to the shadow of the Korean people's long-term life under the shadow of sanctions. We hope that the sanctions are only aimed at North Korea's nuclear activities, and do not want it to combat the people's livelihood and do not want to damage the stability of the Korean regime. In order to reduce the impact of sanctions on North Korea people's livelihood, don't let it be indiscriminately, China also suffered from the United States in the wave of pressure wave.

It is unacceptable for North Korea to embrace nuclear weapons. It is unacceptable to move to the north and to change the political status of Korea and the peninsula. Our hope can help us find out their dialogue, they will eventually be able to believe that the common denominator is their real interests, and they now own ideas just unrealistic desire.

The new sanctions are very severe, it may be the last chance in the situation on the peninsula in the near wall in dense willow trees and bright flowers. South Korea before the date proposed in February next year during the Winter Olympics to postpone the US-ROK joint military drill, wants North Korea to capture the signal and respond positively to promote the formation of a "double suspension" starting point.

In the peninsula, the peaceful resolution of the crisis has become more and more expensive, both for North Korea and the United States.

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