Apple's cooperation with Salesforce will integrate Siri with the latter.

Apple's cooperation with Salesforce will integrate Siri with the latter.

In the morning of September 25, Beijing time, Sina Technologies News reported that Apple and Salesforce.Com had reached a partnership agreement to integrate Siri voice assistants into Salesforce's own mobile applications.

The application of Salesforce is widely spread in the field of sales and marketing. In exchange, Salesforce will develop software tools that allow companies that use the company's backend technology to support their own applications to make better use of the unique features of the iPhone and iPad to develop products.

Apple and Salesforce both have a huge third party software developer ecosystem. About 20 million developers develop software for Apple devices, most of which focus on consumer users. Salesforce has about five million developers using its back-end systems to develop enterprise applications -- a market Apple has expanded to through partnerships with IBM, Cisco and Accenture.

This collaboration allows salespeople to use Siri to update customer records, add meeting records, mark customer service issues that need to be followed up to support the team, and save valuable time on other data entry tasks.

"The voice usage in the enterprise field can not keep up with the consumption field." Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said, "Replacing a series of clicks with voice instead of switching between different apps gives sales representatives instant access to a lot of information. We are changing the way people work. Making things better and better is always the core of apple. "

Slaesforce will develop tools that will enable companies using its backend systems to better use Apple-specific features like Siri.

At this week's Salesforce annual customer conference, Marriott International will present a new system that uses Salesforce and Apple tools to allow hotel guests to use the Siri switch in their rooms for heating, ordering or calling. Siri will even remember their preferences, including their favorite sandwiches, when guests check in at Marriott next time.

"No customer wants us to help them make better use of Apple products." Salesforce CEO benniv said.

Salesforce also provides an educational platform called Trailhead. The company says a quarter of students who learn how to develop business applications through the platform eventually get a promotion or a raise. As part of the deal, Apple and Salesforce will add iPhone and iPad application development courses.

"These people are learning technology skills that can promote their career development." Benioff said. (I. M. I. M. I. M. I.)

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