Guo Mingji: Apple Watch 4 booking exceeds expected iPhone XS demand downturn

Guo Mingji: Apple Watch 4 booking exceeds expected iPhone XS demand downturn

On the morning of Sept. 17, Beijing time, Ming-Chi Kuo, a prominent analyst, released a report today outlining his views on the first weekend bookings for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4.

Guo said the pre-sale of Apple Watch Series 4 exceeded expectations because of new innovations, such as support for electrocardiograms. He predicts that by 2018, Apple Watch will ship 18 million units, of which four line products account for about 50 to 55 percent of these orders.

If the ECG function can be extended to more countries, Guo believes that the shipment of Apple Watch Series 4 will increase further.

In contrast, Guo said pre-sales of the iPhone XS were "lower than expected" because customers tended to choose the iPhone XS Max or wait for the iPhone XR. Guo Mingli lowered his forecast for iPhone XS orders, saying the model accounted for only 10% to 15% of new iPhone shipments in 2018, compared with the original forecast of 15% to 20%.

Guo said the pre-sale of the iPhone XS Max was in line with expectations and referred to the success of Apple's high-price strategy:

"The demand for Chinese market is strong due to the golden shell, dual card dual standby and large screen. The average shipment time of the XS Max is shorter than the 2017 iPhone X (1-2 weeks vs 2-3 weeks), which we believe is due to improved supply. We will maintain our original forecast that XS Max will account for 25-30% of the new iPhone model shipped in 2018. "

Considering the relatively low pricing of the iPhone XR and the support of dual-card dual-standby in the Chinese market, Guo Mingli believes that the sales of the iPhone XR are objective and that the iPhone XR can be pre-sold from October 19.

The prominent analyst has increased his forecast for pre-sales of the iPhone XR, which is expected to account for 55% to 60% of new iPhone shipments in 2018, compared with 50% to 55% before.

"We estimate that the peak shipment of XS Max and XS will be in October, by which time XR will begin to ship, which is also conducive to the supply situation in October." Guo Ming said.

IPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 pre order starting from Friday. (heap)

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