Japanese hog cholera virus is different from past Japanese vectors: viruses or overseas.

Japanese hog cholera virus is different from past Japanese vectors: viruses or overseas.

Original title: Japanese hog cholera virus and different Japanese media: viruses or overseas

BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) According to Kyodo news agency, 14, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan disclosed that the occurrence of swine fever Qifu pig farm virus analysis showed that the gene arrangement and the past epidemic situation in Japan is different. Reported that the possibility of virus from overseas invasion increased.

According to reports, Qifu County government also announced the same day, 13 in the pig farm around 10 kilometers, found boar carcasses, the county government's genetic test results were positive. Japan's central government testing agency will carry out a detailed analysis, the county government will investigate the detection of the virus and pig farms related.

According to the county, local time at about 10:00 on the 13th, Qifu city received reports from residents that a dead wild boar was found at a canal in the city, about 7 kilometers away from the pig farm, which crossed the road in the area. Simple County tests showed negative results, but positive results were detected in the morning of the 14th local time. * dead boar is female, about 1 meters in length, and has no obvious trauma.

The site of the discovery was about 7 kilometers from the pig farm where the dead pig's body was transported to a composting yard with mixed feces. If the farmer who raises pigs or wild boars within 10 kilometers of the scene appears abnormal, the county will carry out an internal examination, blood and other investigations.


3, a pig farm suddenly killed * *, and confirmed the infection on the 9 day through the precise inspection of the central government of Japan. As of 10 days, the county Party * * culled all pig farms, and the Ministry of agriculture, water and 11 announced that the epidemic prevention measures had been completed. In addition, it was * * learned that 2 wild boar carcasses were found in the 3 km radius of the pig farm in August 21st.

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