The woman came out at night to the bathhouse dumbfounded: the car by fire.

The woman came out at night to the bathhouse dumbfounded: the car by fire.

Original title: woman at night to the bathhouse, after the moment dumbfounded

Weihui Public Security Bureau WeChat public news, a fire in winter, it brings not warmth, but the abyss of crime, losing the cost of freedom.

In December 21st, the Weihui police interrogation room, 38 year old Li Moujun's face tears, more cold than the winter cold. "Sorry, I didn't think it would be like that.

The evening of December 20, 2017 8:24, on the outskirts of Xiang Xue Tun Cun Wei north spring door, suddenly, with a loud explosion, flames shone cold night unusually bright and frightened people around. When people call still suffering from the shock, 110 alarm. Xinzhuang civilian police rushed to the scene, only to see the flame burning, one meter outside, the heat wave smoked people hard to rely on. The fire was extinguished by the emergency rescue of the police and the crowd.

At this time, the car that lady out from the bathhouse in the moment dumbfounded, car short time inside his own body turned black after the fire, the car is spontaneous combustion or intentional destruction? Coiled in the mind of the police.

Field investigation found that the masks left on the scene, the bottles filled with gasoline, and the shadows appearing in the live videos quickly settled the nature of the case and locked the suspects.

It is not easy to make clear the specific information of the suspect by blurring the figure. Video reconnaissance squadron to attack, analyzing, a figure appeared on the scene, and quickly go, there will be a suspect vehicle. Look for a car and become a key grip.

Known as "the Master" said Ge Runxiang and Chen Wenke, Nie Zhihui batted the players determine the suspect is likely to hurt, the victim, medical treatment and has become the key point of tracking. Through the police search line tracking, a white off-road car into the police line of sight.

After investigation, the suspect and the victim because the disputes accumulated for a long time, many days to heart angrily unbearable, he used his work in the garage when the maintenance is convenient, daily every day secretly accumulate a small amount of gasoline, installed tracking the victim with a bottle, it will be the car parked on the roadside, the car glass smashed, poured into the saddle on the thinking of the gasoline, car decoration destroyed, Ms. Zhang learned about, did not expect the whole car burning up, his face burned, charred eyebrows all. In the face of solid facts and evidence, it confessed to the facts of the crime.

At present, the criminal suspect Li has been detained in criminal custody, and the case is being further tried.

Source: the public number of the Weihui Public Security Bureau, WeChat

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