China's first independent DDR4 memory exposure: single 4GB

China's first independent DDR4 memory exposure: single 4GB

Although our country has made great progress in various fields of technology science, to reach or exceed the international top level, but the semiconductor industry has been a big short board, of course we are trying to catch up, whether CPU processor supercomputer or consumption of a breakthrough, the memory storage also strides to catch up.

Especially this year, continuing memory prices continue to soar, Samsung, SK Hynix, micron several oligarchs firmly holds the right to speak, the more prominent are necessary.

Now, violet has finally created the first independent PC DDR4 memory in China, and DRAM particles are fully developed by themselves.

From the online exposure picture, there is an obvious purple light core (UnilC) logo in this memory, which is a plain bare bar design. The single capacity is 4GB, and the more specific parameter is not clear.

Xi'an Ziguang Guoxin Semiconductor Co. Ltd. is in the original German Jimengda Technology (Xi'an) Co. Ltd. development based on the reconstruction of restructuring in May 2009, 2003 as Infineon Technologies memory division was established in Xi'an. Storage division split in 2006 Infineon listed as Jimengda technology, science and Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. Jimengda also will set up, and began to run as a standalone company.

In 2009, the wave group's acquisition of the former German Jimengda Technology (Xi'an) Co. Ltd., restructuring and reconstruction, renamed Xi'an Huaxin Semiconductor Co. ltd.. In 2015, violet Guang Guo core Limited by Share Ltd acquired Xi'an Huaxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and renamed it Xi'an purple light Guoxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

The core business of Xi'an purple national core is memory design and development, private brand memory products, mass production and sales, and ASIC design and development services. At the same time, it has also undertaken several major research projects and subjects in the field of memory, such as "nuclear high base" and "national high tech Development Plan" 863.

In January of this year, purple light group announced that it invested 200 billion yuan to build semiconductor industry base in Nanjing. After completion, it will be the largest chip manufacturer in China with 100 thousand wafers per month.

In July last year, purple also participated in the investment in the Yangtze River's storage. The latter planned to invest 160 billion yuan to build the domestic 3D NAND flash memory, and set up a R & D team of 500 people to tackle the DRAM memory manufacturing technology.

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