Barclay analyst: this year's iPhone no longer supports 3D Touch

Barclay analyst: this year's iPhone no longer supports 3D Touch

On the morning of August 28, Beijing time, Sina Technologies News reported that Apple made great efforts to launch the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone in 2015. Now, after three years of mobile phone replacement, Apple's pressure-sensitive screen technology may fade out of the market.

A paper by Blayne Curtis, an analyst at Barclays Bank, to investors, foreign media MacRumors learned that people "generally believe" that some of this year's iPhone models will no longer support 3D Touch.

Some of the iPhone models Curtis says refer to the rumored two high-end iPhones, which will use OLED displays (in line with the iPhone X). But other rumored models, which look more like enlarged versions of the iPhone X but use cheaper LCD screens, may still retain the 3D Touch. But Guo Mingli, another well-known analyst, predicted a few months ago that the low-end model would not retain the 3D Touch feature.

If both analysts are right and the information isn't overlapping, it might mean that the next generation of iPhones won't have a 3D Touch.

3D Touch is essentially the flagship feature on the iPhone 6S, so it's going to be a big mistake for Apple in the past. Not only that, but it also wastes a lot of resources, Apple's marketing director told the media after the launch of the feature:

"From an engineering standpoint, it's hard to develop hardware that supports the 3D Touch screen," says Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing director. "We spent a year on engineering, and we spent a lot of money and money on manufacturing, and if people didn't use it, all that effort would be wasted. . If it's just a demo and nobody uses it a month later, it's a huge waste of Engineering talent.

However, since the launch of 3D Touch, this function has indeed been reacted mediocre. And, interestingly, perhaps most iPhone users do not necessarily know where this function is. Even deep iPhone users may not find this function useful. And, although this technology has been transplanted to Apple Watch, iPad is still not used.

But it's too early to dig deep into the merits and demerits of 3D Touch, because the rumors may be partly or entirely untrue. Apple may use the technology on a new iPhone in ways other analysts haven't noticed, or the model may be confused so that some models have the feature and others don't. All in all, until the mid September Apple annual iPhone conference, everything will be announced.

As for other rumors about the iPhone, MacRumors also found a new document from Guo Mingli that the upcoming iPhone no longer supports Apple Pencil. In the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion about the possibility that the new iPhone might be bigger. But Guo believes Apple may cancel Apple Pencil because of its poor user experience.

Curtis, an analyst at Barclays Bank, also said he expected Apple to launch a new AirPods later this year and a cheaper HomePod next year. (tURL)

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