Apple digs dozens of Tesla employees this year to attract high salaries as an important attraction

Apple digs dozens of Tesla employees this year to attract high salaries as an important attraction

CNBC found that since late 2017, Apple has recruited many employees from Tesla, including experts in manufacturing, security and software, and recently invited supply chain experts, according to several Tesla employees and former employees, and referring to LinkedIn data.

As we all know, Apple is developing cars, and the project is called Project Titan, and not all of these people are working on automotive projects. Apple also has other products, such as software, display, optical and battery specialists.

A Tesla engineer who kept in touch with his former colleagues at Apple got some insight. He said that while most of Apple's manufacturing work was outsourced, Apple seemed to be tightening its control over manufacturing processes and equipment.

Since 2018, LinkedIn data tells us that Apple has hired at least 46 former Tesla employees, eight of whom are engineering experts. This year, Apple recruited Autopilot, QA, transmission, mechanical design, firmware engineers and a few supply chain managers who had previously worked at Tess. Some employees jumped directly from Tesla to Apple, and others were laid off or fired before joining.

Some of Tesla's former employees have joined Apple this year, but they haven't updated social media materials, such as Doug Field, who has joined Apple and was formerly senior vice president of Tesla Engineering. In 2013, field jumped from apple to Tesla and served as vice president of hardware engineering at Apple. After Tesla, he was responsible for developing new cars, including Model 3. Earlier this month, media reports said that feld had joined the Project Titan project.

Some of Tesla's employees and former employees have revealed that engineers and technicians at Tesla's plant and headquarters are in low spirits and that Fielder hasn't returned since his vacation. Employees also said that before Field left, there had been an increase in voluntary departures over the past few years.

Tesla doesn't think so. It doesn't think the number of people who have left in recent years has increased, so there's no data to support it. Tesla told CNBC that voluntary departures have fallen by a third in the past 12 months, and that the company has recently brought in a number of people from Apple and other companies.

Speaking of the talent competition with Apple, a Tesla spokesman said: "I hope these people will be all right. Working in Tesla is not easy. Our salary is less than one percent of Apple's, and they can afford higher wages. We're in a tough position to compete with the old car companies that made 100 times more cars last year than we did, so it's hard to work in Tesla. "

Why do employees have to job hopping? An on-the-job Tesla employee said a former colleague had discussed the issue with him and encouraged him to apply to Apple, which he chose mainly because of its excellent leadership, high pay and excellent products.

Employees familiar with the market estimate that when Apple recruits from Tesla, it will pay technicians and software manufacturing engineers 1.5 times the salary of Tesla employees. California San Francisco Bay Area has a high cost of living, so wages are quite important.

In June, when a Tesla engineer was laid off, he jumped to Apple, where the employee said Apple might give employees some options, Tesla was in a difficult time, and Apple's options might be more attractive. He also said that Silicon Valley had a high cost of living and Tesla employees had begun selling stocks before getting a relatively good salary to make a better living.

Recently, Tesla's share price has been in the doldrums, with JPMorgan predicting that it would fall to $195 before the year's low and now about $320. Tesla, which burned $700 million in cash in the second quarter of 2018, is cutting spending to make its finances healthier as many debts are coming due. Musk has been emphasizing that Tesla can turn losses into profits and cash flows from negative to positive in the second half of 2018 without raising funds outside the standard credit line.

On Aug. 7, Musk tweeted that he was considering privatizing Tesla, adding that privatisation funds were guaranteed and that the only uncertainty was whether shareholders would agree. Since then, Tesla shares have fallen by more than 15%.

Some of the old Tesla employees left, but they were in a heavy mood. A former Tesla engineer who has joined Apple says working in Tesla was the best part of his career. He says Tesla is the best company on the planet, always trying to solve complex problems that will affect generations to come. (star sea)

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