Cook: working for Jobs is very "free".

Cook: working for Jobs is very

Early on August 24, Beijing Time, Sina Technologies News, Apple CEO Tim Cook is very clear about one thing: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is a great person worth working for.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook said, "work for Jobs is" free ". He described a time when he found his former boss and offered him a "very grand" idea. If Jobs thought it was a good idea, he would tell them, "OK," and let Cook do it himself.

"A company can run in such a way that refreshes my perception. Because I've been used to bureaucracy, like the company that's near paralysis, but Apple is different, completely different. Cook said.

Cook made the remarks when he ushered in the eve of Apple CEO 7th anniversary. When Jobs was seriously ill in 2011, Cook began to take over the company and maintain the company's sustainable development.

Jobs died in 2011 after suffering from cancer for many years. He has always been very clear about how to manage the company. Some people have said that he is sometimes a strict boss. But Cook, including many former or current employees of apple, thinks Jobs is inspiring.

Cook was once Jobs'right-hand man, and Jobs chose to take over Apple after his resignation and death. In the past 7 years, Cook has proved himself to be an effective CEO. Not only did he increase the company's profits, but under his leadership, Apple became the first company in the United States with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. (wood)

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