Women have been deceived by 3 boudoir for "300 thousand maintenance fees" 7 thousand

Women have been deceived by 3 boudoir for

Original title: women have been deceived by 3 boudoir for "300 thousand maintenance fees". 7 thousand

The man on WeChat said, 300 thousand yuan a month to keep you, will be heart?

See the figure of the time, the 19 year old Ningbo girl Xiao Fang (a pseudonym) echocardiography.

But then, not only did she not get 300 thousand yuan, but she was also cheated for more than 30 thousand yuan, and even her girlfriends, such as Zheng, Wang and Zhang, were also invited to "chew", cheated nearly 10000 yuan and 1 yuan, respectively.

Not long ago, Ningbo Zhonggongmiao police cracked a fraud case, the suspect at nurturing fee as bait to lure the beautiful young girl of girls is fooled, money is pianse.

And he played three roles in the case, inducing a number of girls to fall into a high price premium fraud trap.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted the victim Xiao Fang, 30 thousand yuan cheated, her life is very tight. Speaking of the experience of being cheated, she said, he did not see him as a liar.

"It's hard to say, now I just want to get the money back. Can you expose him to him? What if he will come out and take other identities to cheat people? "

300 thousand yuan per month

The girl believed it.

In 2016, Ningbo Yinzhou Xiaofang entertainment work, met a 78 year old customers, tall and plump, looks very cute.

He called himself Yang. With WeChat not long, one day, he sent word to Xiao Fang - I spend nurturing you?

At the beginning, Xiao Fang did not talk to him.

Later, Yang also made quite a number of messages to her, Xiaofang are ignored. Until September this year, he said to her again, that he was rich in the two generation, out of 300 thousand yuan a month of maintenance fee.

300 thousand yuan!

My work in Ningbo, the work is not stable, the pressure of life, this figure really let her heart.

Think of the man looking very honest, and finally, she promised.

A penny didn't come to the hand

The girl was cheated first to seven thousand

The second day, Yang about her to a Yinzhou Fasthotel chain open room, on the road, he promised to increase Xiaofang nurturing fee 520 thousand per month!

Xiao Fang was very glad to hear that. After the two meet, Yang let her with his assistant "Wenwen" WeChat, provide bank card account. Not for a while, bank transfer message and sent her to Wen Wen 520 thousand. However, the assistant Wenwen said, because the cross bank transfer to the large amount of bank audit. If the transfer is urgent, you need to pay 7000 yuan.

The huge amount of money, will soon arrival, Xiaofang smashed out of reason, she transferred to the 7000 yuan wenwen.

In the Fasthotel, Yang successfully held xiaofang......

When you leave, this is Xiao Fang paid open room.

High price "support" fee

The girl pulled her three girlfriends down again

In accordance with the agreement to call the nurturing, xiaofang. Surprisingly, most of the time, two people meet at the Fasthotel, and pay by Xiaofang open room costs.

By the time to October, however, he Xiaofang did not delay to transfer 520 thousand. WeChat, Xiao Fang asked Wen Wen, Wen said that, do a China bank card, "peer transfer can be a little faster".

After finishing card, she also received a 660 thousand transfer information to Wenwen as the last time, she has paid 7000 yuan bank urgent audit fee.

By the end of October, Yang said to her to transfer 880 thousand.

At this time, unlike the previous two Xiaofang so excited. 14000 yuan of fees, almost emptied her savings, and two packages of premium, slow to come.

Yang would speak very well, chatting and talking, and he asked to introduce the little sister around you to me, and I would give you half of the fee.

Xiao Fang promised to bestie, Zheng, Wang, Zhang introduced to him.

These girls are pretty beautiful, and one of them is a network anchor. Under the temptations of Yang's high price, they promised to be nurtured and delivered 12000 yuan, 8338 yuan, and 12233 yuan.

In the meantime, Xiaofang not played suspicion. However, a man named "happy girl" with her WeChat, claiming to be the other is Yang's lover, she talked about her to receive money, all kinds of gifts, strongly praised Yang more lavish gold......

These words, Xiao Fang eventually arrived but did not receive a penny in fact. These days, she gave Yang Moufa's "520", "1314" and other red packets, even to open the room for her money! In this case, she lost 30 thousand yuan!

A criminal suspect is divided into a triangle

The possibility of being swindled is likely to have other girls

In December 13th, the distance was kept already 3 months, Xiao Fang was suspicious, as friends said, 3 of the girls went to the Zhonggongmiao police station.

Police immediately set up a case group, after investigation, locked in a fraud suspect in a hotel, the police rushed to the scene to catch the suspect.

In fact, not Yang Yang, Zhu, 29 years old, Jiangsu people, is not what the wealthy. At first, he only admits Pianse, refused to admit their own money.

The police combed through the "Wenwen" the micro signal involves the transfer of information, to determine the "Wenwen" this is his WeChat small micro signal. In the face of irrefutable evidence, he admitted the crime. The original "Wenwen", "happy", the two characters he plays, he who played the triangle!

According to the information mastered by the police, it is likely that there are other girls who have been swindled by him!

At present, Zhu has been detained in criminal law.

The police said that Zhu used three WeChat accounts for fraud to package his boss image, which seemed to be seamless, but in fact he could not help but deliberate: where was there a pie in the sky and a month earned nothing? 300 thousand? Which bank takes a few months of audit time to cross - province and cross - bank transfer?

The police reminded us that we should always keep a clear head and not be tempted by sudden interests. We should be more vigilant and less relaxed.

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