Apple or $21 for every 5G iPhone: royalty.

Apple or $21 for every 5G iPhone: royalty.

According to foreign media reports, in theory, Apple will pay $21 for each iPhone for 5G related patents, mainly for Qualcomm.

Nokia announced Wednesday that it will charge an equivalent patent fee of 3 euros ($3.48) per device for 5G standard factor patents. Ericsson charges $2.50 to $5 in royalties based on equipment costs.

Qualcomm charges a 5G patent fee for single-mode phones at 2.275% of the total price, with 3.25% for multi-mode phones, but with a maximum price base of $400.

A modern smartphone may eventually pay a total royalty of more than 21 dollars. About $13 was paid to Qualcomm.

But this figure does not count all patent holders. Therefore, although a slight reduction of $21 in royalties can be achieved through batch negotiations, the royalties levied by other companies, such as Huawei, will push up the overall fee.

It's not clear how much Apple will pay for a 4G patent per iPhone, but it's not as simple as 5G, and industry insiders think the actual cost should be much higher than $21 for a 5G iPhone.

Apple and Qualcomm are launching a patent war around the world. Apple took the lead in a $1 billion lawsuit in January 2017, accusing Qualcomm of abusing its "monopoly" to claim high patent fees and forcing chip buyers to buy patent licenses from it. Qualcomm filed a counterclaim in April, and the two sides later fought lawsuits in multiple courts in the United States and other countries, even involving other Apple suppliers.

IPhone is preparing exclusive use of Intel's modem this year. This year's new iPhone will almost certainly not support 5G networks, as the 5G standard will not be finalized until June, and U.S. carriers are just beginning to deploy 5G networks. (I. M. I. M. I. M. I.)

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