Apple authorized third party dealers to maintain iPhone screen price difference

Apple authorized third party dealers to maintain iPhone screen price difference

Apple has reached an agreement with a third-party dealer and service provider, Simply Mac, to provide the necessary hardware and authorize it to repair the iPhone screen, according to the technology blog 9to5Mac.

Prior to the deal, Simply Mac bought some Touch ID and Face ID-related maintenance equipment and began offering unofficial screen maintenance services. It is said that Apple's dissatisfaction with the move is mainly due to concerns about possible hardware problems. Although Simply Mac charges the same price as Apple, its main customers are those who don't have Apple's flagship stores in the area.

The iPhone and iPhone X, which contain Touch IDs, reportedly require special devices to repair the screen to ensure that the Home key and TrueDepth modules work properly after changing the screen. Simply Mac has only 5 of 50 stores in the United States. Apple will pay 30 Simply Mac stores to buy the device, while Simply Mac will stop unofficial maintenance activities without the necessary equipment. Apple has yet to comment.

Apple has traditionally charged high maintenance fees for mobile screens that are out of warranty, and last year it raised the price by $20. IPhone, 8 Plus and other new mobile phones cost up to 169 dollars for screen maintenance, while iPhone X is as high as 279 dollars. But if you buy the Apple Care + service, all screen maintenance costs just $29, but last year the company began charging higher prices for Plus phones: the average Apple Care + is $129, and the Plus is $149.

Given this high cost and the strict requirements of AppleCare + (only two kinds of accidental damage are guaranteed), many users will fix screens through third-party service providers, especially when they are far from Apple's flagship stores. These operators usually do not have authorization, and may not be able to ensure that the phone function is completely normal. With the advent of complex hardware such as Touch ID and TrueDepth, such repairs will become more difficult, often with Apple's expertise. (I. M. I. M. I. M. I.)

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