Many harsh demands add apple to apple to abandon flagship stores in India.

Many harsh demands add apple to apple to abandon flagship stores in India.

Sina Technologies News Beijing time August 22 afternoon news, Apple wants to open a new flagship retail store in India about a few years away. As a result, the company can only choose to allow local franchisees to open large Apple stores in major cities instead of flagship retail stores.

India has made many harsh demands on companies wishing to set up flagship retailers in the region. At least so far, Apple has yet to meet these requirements.

The company has been trying for years to get permission from the Indian government to set up an official Apple Store in the area, as even CEO Tim Cook mentioned when he met with the Indian prime minister. However, the company needs to produce 30% of its products in India before it is approved to open retail stores.

At present, this standard has been achieved. Wistron began manufacturing iPhone SE in India in 2017. A few months ago, the company started producing iPhone 6S here. However, according to the Indian Economic Times, Apple has so far not been approved by the Indian government for its foreign direct investment program.

An expedient measure for Apple's flagship retail store in India

Now, Apple seems to have decided to bypass the India government. According to reports, the company will allow franchisees to open large "Apple high-end flagship dealers" stores in major Indian cities.

Currently, there are about 150 local franchisees selling iPhone and other Apple Devices in India. The number of flagship dealers will not be large. According to another report in the Indian Economic Times, each flagship store may have an area of 5,000 square feet, compared with the average Apple store in India, which is only 1,500 square feet.

Apple's problems in India

This is not the only problem Apple faces in India. It is reported that Apple shipped less than 1 million units in India in the first half of this year. Despite its population of 1.4 billion, Apple, as a smartphone manufacturer, can't even rank in the top five.

IPhone itself is expensive, and because of its low domestic output, India also imposes tariffs on iPhone. However, as Wistron starts producing two different models, these tariffs may be reduced soon. The new flagship store is expected to boost sales. (wood)

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