A 19 year teacher who has been suffering from a weak wife for 6 years on her husband's rostrum

A 19 year teacher who has been suffering from a weak wife for 6 years on her husband's rostrum

Original title: love on the back: a teacher who has a weak wife persists in the 6 year back of her husband's rostrum

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Core tip | "the classmates, today we learn less than 20 addition......" In the first grade classroom of Liang Zhuang primary school, a loud voice was heard from a male teacher. He writes on the blackboard, and then interacts with the students. He is Queshan Zhumadian Liu Zhuang Zhen Liang Zhuang primary school teacher Cao Jianyu taught for 19 years, has been rooted in the countryside.

Cao Jianyu and Cui Jingrong are a pair of loving couples who are in trouble. One is a disabled rural teacher who suffers from muscular weakness and unable to stand and walk. One is a rural woman who silently supports her husband's work and accompanying him. 6 years ago, his wife Cui Jingrong for her husband a pair of feet, carrying him to and fro, let him continue their love for the work of teachers, teachers love husband will make the candle like, gave the country a thirst for knowledge of students, illuminate their road of hope. Their "love on the back" touched a lot of people, and the students who had been taught by the former Cao teacher had come back to see him after knowing the present situation.

In the dawn, his wife back her husband to go to class

Liu Zhuang town is located in the southeast of Zhumadian County, about 20 kilometers from the county seat. On the morning of December 20th, the day before dawn. The acorn village was silent, and when most people were still in the dream, Cui Jingrong got up early.

Simple wash, tidy up the yard, after feeding the home chicken, dog, Cui Jingrong and her husband Cao Jianyu help dress up, then put him to a chair with wheels. Cao Jianyu is wearing a plaid shirt, green army jacket, he could not stand, hands and feet to the side in the severely atrophic, bent. He sat on the stool and moved slowly into the courtyard.

Open the door, launched an electric car, Cui Jingrong came to her husband, stoop squat, hands to her husband, a hard, carry on the stool's husband, Cao Jianyu arms clasped his wife, somewhat pendulous, two legs limply drooping. "One step, two steps, three steps..." With her more than 100 catty husband on her back, she stumbled forward, and every step looked very heavy.

Putting her husband on the back of an electric car, Cui Jingrong returned to the house and turned off the energy saving lamp, looked around and locked the door. "Let's sit down. We're going to go." As Cui Jingrong told him, he was riding on the seat. After adjusting the direction, carrying the husband, a twist of the handlebar, the electric car ran up.

Winter morning is a bit cold, fiery red glow. From time to time, parents who send their children to school, or riding a tricycle, or walking, are talking and laughing. The Cao Jianyu family, about two kilometers from the school, turned from the village to the right, followed the road to the west, and they had to arrive at Liang Zhuang primary school before 7.

Love teaching, the difficult situation of serious illness

More than 10 minutes later, Cui Jingrong took her husband to the school. At this time, the campus a noisy, some children are cleaning, some in the yard, playing chase.

The electric car stop, Cui Jingrong from the house and home as a taxi with a stool, put in the yard, and put her husband back to the bench, he sat down, and slowly moved into the house.

The east side of the teaching building is the east side of a room, the school leaders take into account the actual situation, specially for the husband and wife of the two two. There was a big bed on the inside, a few table tables, some living things and teaching plans, and the students' homework. "Get warm and warm." As Cui Jingrong greeted her husband, he opened the electric heating on the ground. In a few moments, the temperature in the house began to rise. When Cui Jingrong settled her husband, he went to the back kitchen to cook. Soon, breakfast was made, a fried radish silk, the main food was steamed bread, and corn congee. My husband cannot drink porridge, to feed Jingrong cui.

The 39 year old Cao Jianyu, 1.75 meters tall, he and his wife are the same age, in Liang Zhuang is a substitute teacher in primary school. In July 1998, after graduating from Zhumadian agricultural school, Cao Jianyu had the opportunity to assign to government agencies. But he chose to return to his hometown and teach in the condition of Liang Zhuang primary school.

"Maybe it was the father of the country teacher for more than 30 years, and I liked the children, too." Cao Jianyu told the great river newspaper that he had been teaching at school since then. In 1999, he married Cui Jingrong, and then two had their own children.

However, the happiness of life did not last long, Cao Jianyu suddenly suffered a serious illness, a diagnosis to break the family's tranquility.

According to Cao Jianyu, in the spring of 2003, his body had been abnormal and his muscles continued to shrink, but the results had never been diagnosed. By 2011, Cao Jianyu was in a more serious condition and often fell down in class. Cui Jingrong hurried to take a husband to a famous hospital in Beijing for examination. At last, the doctor told them that Cao Jianyu had "progressive muscle weakness". At present, there was almost no hope of cure.

Although he was physically handicapped, Cao Jianyu could not keep his students, and he was sick and insisted on giving classes to the students. And from then on, Cui Jingrong decided, "go to class with her husband!"

Take a school as a home and take a lecture for students

The morning of the third class is the Cao Jianyu class, the first grade mathematics, during breaks, he sat on the stool early slide into the classroom door, waiting for the class. Mr. Cao said, in the past, in order to facilitate his class, school leaders dedicated to the construction team, before the plane on the platform raised cement steps away, but now the whole school adjustment of the classroom, there is a step in the class, after he will more convenient to the classroom. At 9:57, the ringing bell ringing, his wife put him on the platform, and he began to lecture.

The class listened to the students very seriously. The 45 minute course soon passed. After the class, his wife recited the teacher. "We love Cao teacher." Many of the children in the class told reporters.

Cui Jingrong said, they usually eat in school, in addition to day home chickens and dogs, you usually do not go home. Because of her husband, she often takes the class for her husband.

The school has provided many conveniences to Cao. He arranged for the nearest classroom to his dorm. As he was sitting in the lecture, the blackboard in front of the classroom was reduced. Xu Yong, the principal of the Liang Zhuang primary school, said that Mr. Cao was very easy-going and a good teacher. Considering his physical condition, the school had suggested that he would no longer undertake the teaching task, but he was always reluctant to give up the teaching work he loved.

Previously, the local town government and the Federation to give Cao Jianyu a wheelchair, Cao Jianyu admitted that no wheelchair with wheels because the wheelchair sitting stool is flexible and convenient, he has been at home, occasionally use at home.

"I like children very much, and the children like me, too." Cao Jianyu is always proud. He said, "I don't know how long my life is. In a limited time, I want to continue the breadth and depth of life, and dedicate the best state to the classroom.

Do not abandon, together is happiness

"The wife is so young, and she can have a better life." Cao Jianyu recalls that after the illness, in order not to tie up his wife, he had to drive her away from home many times, and often deliberately make things difficult for her.

Dinner time, Cui Jingrong brought a bowl of reeky noodles, Cao Jianyu not only ungrateful, but you pushed the bowl out of the bowl, broken noodles, scattered over the ground. On that day, the wife told him, "you don't eat, and I don't eat either." Then, two people cry on each other's shoulder.

"Where to go, I will take him where." In the summer of 2015, Cui Jingrong took her husband to work in a clothing factory in Jiangsu, because she was afraid of her husband's heat, and she rented a house with air conditioning. The husband needs someone to cook every day. Sometimes she can't get to work and let the brother live in the neighborhood. In his leisure time, Cui Jingrong would give her husband a massage, a shampoo, and so on.

Besides taking classes and taking care of her husband, Cui Jingrong's family has more than 10 acres. In the busy season, Cui Jingrong is busy, home, school, in 3.1. To this end, Cao Jianyu jokes that the wife has "three fast", fast walking, fast food and quick work. It is not convenient for Cao Jianyu to go out to get a haircut, and Cui Jingrong has also become a special barber for her husband.

"Women are half a day, but she is my whole day." Cao Jianyu often sighed that, regardless of his physical condition, his wife never abandoned and was always with him.

Today, Cao Jianyu students everywhere, many students are admitted to the key university...... During the festival, every time he received the greeting messages sent by the students, he was pleased to receive the warm heart call from the students.

Since 1999, Cui Jingrong has been in the school for 18 years in Liang Zhuang primary school. Under the premise of teaching students, she also studied in spare time. At present, she has passed the written test of teacher's qualification certificate and is waiting for an interview. Cui Jingrong is a cheerful man, often with a smile on her face, and she is full of hope for the future.

"I believe that you can reach the sky, you are around me, make life more fresh, every moment is wonderful..." In the school radio, Roger Yang's "I believe" was sounded, the singing was very loud and continued to reverberate on the campus. Cao Jianyu looked at his wife with a feeling of humid eyes.

Source: great river

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