92 years as a senior engineer who can't swim but save the sea for two years

92 years as a senior engineer who can't swim but save the sea for two years

Original title: 92 year old girl who won't swim to save the sea

She sent a circle of friends afterwards: I was the just I

What do you do in the face of the people who fall into the water? Peng Qiongli, a 25 - year-old Hunan sister, gave her answer - out of her coat and jumped into the cold water to save people.

It's all about more than 10 days ago.

Peng Qiongli is a senior customer support engineer for the bank's wealth management and maintenance team in the Hengsheng electronics work in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. In December 10th, Peng Qiongli was on a business trip with his colleagues in Qingdao. After her work was completed in the afternoon, she took a short walk to the seaside near the stone old man in Qingdao.

The temperature was low at the time, and it was already below zero. Peng Qiongli had some cold, and though he was wrapped in a down jacket, he felt a little chill. "As I watched the seashore fishing, I walked back to the hotel, and suddenly two young men came to me and told me that a man was floating on the sea." Peng Qiongli said she didn't care at first thought it was a stranger to joke. "I'll go to the seaside to see, really found someone up floating in the water, without any struggle. When I felt bad, I immediately called the police and hit 120 first aid phones. "

It's important to save people! Peng Qiongli was an acute son, and did not think too much. He took off his coat and shoes and walked into the water. Peng Qiongli said, "when I go to the water, my heart is a little scared, because I can't swim very much, but I was in the water, and I just kept walking forward." The beach is full of crushed stone and it is hard to tread on the bottom of the foot. "Not yet, the water has not been in the waist, walking more than 50 meters, I went to the drowning side, an old lady, aged sixty and down."

Peng Qiongli said, maybe it was because someone had been rescued, or maybe he was frozen. The old man issued a "hem" sound. "I hurriedly shouted to the shore," people are still alive. The boys on the shore saw me in the water, and they followed, and we raised the old man together. "

Seeing the old man wet and cold, Peng Qiongli took off his down jacket and put it on the old man. After 110 and 120, she joined the old man to the ambulance and sent the old man to the hospital. The police police see Xiao Peng to save wet pants and shoes, she will be on the way back to the hotel. "Go back to the hotel after the recall just picture, suddenly a bit scared, I made a circle of friends, it received a lot of encouragement."

Peng Qiongli was embarrassed to say that the original circle of friends wanted to be encouraged by friends and colleagues, and it did not happen that it was so spread.

The day before yesterday, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter contacted the local police station in Qingdao. The police on duty confirmed Xiao Peng's saving things, and said that the physical condition of the rescued old lady was no serious matter.

Peng Qiongli, the head of the unit, told reporters that Peng Qiongli graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology in 2015 and later Heng Sheng electronic work. As a party member, she worked hard and was "excellent" every year. What is worth mentioning is that she had been chosen as a junior engineer before entering the office the year before. Now she is a senior engineer. Generally, the process takes more than five or six years, and Xiao Peng has only used two years to reflect her ordinary work.

The money newspaper reporter learned that at present Peng Qiongli's unit praised her for saving people and awarding her "social contribution to the people" award.

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