Musk will launch the Roadster sports car to Mars next month

Musk will launch the Roadster sports car to Mars next month

Sina Technology News Beijing time December 23rd noon news, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) on Friday to share photos. In the photo, the first generation of Tesla Roadster sports car was loaded into the SpaceX 'heavy Falcon' rocket. Tesla's electric car will go to the next and the final front.

Mask said earlier this month, has been developed for many years the Falcon heavy Rockets will be in January next year in Florida, Cape Canaveral launch base. "It's going to be a midnight red version of Tesla Roadster, playing the music Space Oddity," he said on Twitter. If there is no explosion during the launch, the flight destination is the Mars orbit, which will stay in the deep space for one billion years. "

Photos shared by Instagram show that the Tesla Roadster is preparing for the launch of the "heavy Falcon" rocket.

The release of these photos also gives the outside world a focus on the launch of SpaceX in January next year. The well-known Vic Steve Ulvison (Steve Jurvestson) also released the news on Twitter, which expressed the expectation. (Qiu Yue)

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