Taiwan's new party Hou toilets are followed by exposure to the general public for help me

Taiwan's new party Hou toilets are followed by exposure to the general public for help me

Original title: Hou Hanting blew: the toilet is followed by the general public to help?

Chinese Taiwan network December 23rd news according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that the new party new thinking center director Hou Hanting in the evening of 22 Facebook posts for the first time that the storm for several days, let you worry about him, thank you! This event, the most rough law enforcement is that the identity of the witness has been treated as "the defendant".

He said, today is not unknown to the public thanks to his people, and held a press conference to promote ", and called for the amendment of criminal procedure law". And if the ordinary people have the same treatment, do they have the opportunity to ask for help? But because the media reported a big parade, today he is unable to peace. I do not know how many cases have been done by the unit in this way, so that the number of human rights has not been guaranteed under the proper procedure.

Hou Hanting said he was a "witness", with the whole trial. Not to blame my investigator itself, can be considerate to the law enforcement officers are only civil servants, and it is their duty to act. Or, he is their duty to crime. Half past six knock on the door, at least up to half past four, the trial has been to the morning, they are also very hard. But the lawyer said the process was flawed, and when the toilet followed and two people put me in the middle of the car, he had hindered his personal freedom as a witness. Therefore, he is considerate of the hard work of the regulation, but also the lawyer refers to the injustice of Chen. Even if the accusation emphasizes No lawyer accusation and the procedure is legal, he is clear and clear of the facts of the case.

He said, the investigators work more than 18 hours, think of the recent "labor law" amendment "shift interval rest time from 11 hours to 8 hours" "full relax labour to work 12 days in a row," in the "Legislative Yuan" while power, force, mountain closure, will pay the Commission regulations. In the course of the amendment, the official words were frequent and the authorities were unable to suffer the bitter people.

Just as personally encountered the "1219 incident", only to feel the "Criminal Procedure Law" amendment; and as a labourer he, in all walks of life in that access to labor pain, know the law "amendment, absolutely will increase the burnout of labor, not less. So in December 23rd at noon, he encouraged everyone to take to the streets, opponents of "evil law".

Source: Taiwan network, China

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