A teacher in Shenzhen jokes up his feet to the student's face for a deep review

A teacher in Shenzhen jokes up his feet to the student's face for a deep review

Original title: Shenzhen a teacher joking feet onto the students face profound review after understanding by parents

People.com.cn Shenzhen on 23 December, before the media reported a male teacher in Shenzhen primary school students to keep your feet on the face. In December 23rd, the public service bureau of Dapeng New District of Shenzhen responded that the teachers had been asked for a deep review and the parents expressed their initial understanding. The bureau is also going to further investigate the events, and the results are published for the first time.

It was reported that after the incident, the public service bureau of Dapeng New District immediately organized a special investigation for the staff. After a preliminary investigation, the teacher did have the phenomenon of lifting the foot to the student's face. "Although the teachers are joking, this uncivilized behavior has affected the students' psychology and detrimental to the image of schools and teachers."

It said that the school held a plenary session and asked the teachers to conduct a profound review at the meeting. In the evening, the headmaster and the concerned teacher went to the student's home together, and actively communicated with the parents, apologized, and got the understanding of the parents.

"Uncivilized behavior of school teachers, we deep introspection, the next step will further strengthen the moral education, improve the level of morality." Said Mirs District Public Utilities Bureau will require all schools and kindergartens by analogy, to the "teacher" and "Compulsory Education Law" as a guide to teachers' occupation moral standards, strengthen the teachers' morality education. At present, the school has asked professional psychological teachers to tutor students. Further investigation is being carried out, and the results will be reported for the first time.

Mr. Zhai, the parent of the student, thanked the education authorities for their high attention to the matter. He said: "in line with the principle of" all for children ", because the teacher in this event has been deeply aware of his own mistakes, he has apologized to the public and myself. I expressed my preliminary understanding. Ask the school to take the light of the light and give the children a healthy and comfortable learning environment. "

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