Japan's defense budget over 5 trillion of the most historical experts called China

Japan's defense budget over 5 trillion of the most historical experts called China

Global Times special correspondent in Japan [Lan Yage Liu Wen] the Japanese government approved the 22 fiscal year 2018 budget, the defense budget of 5 trillion and 190 billion yen, an increase of approximately 1.3% over last year, a record high, the main expenditure project focused on anti missile and "Islands defense".

This is the sixth year growth of Japan's defense budget, and it is also more than 5 trillion yen (about 301 billion yuan) for third consecutive years. The 22 Japanese cabinet meeting also decided to add 234 billion 500 million yen to the supplementary budget in 2017, which is the largest annual supplementary defense budget in history.

Japan's Asahi television said that, based on the North Korean nuclear and missile threats, the enhancement of the missile defense system became the core of the Japanese defense budget in 2018. Japan will be stepped up to strengthen the ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, the budget includes $44 billion yen of Japan US joint introduction of R & D "standard 3 BLOCK 2A" anti missile system, and the upfront cost of land-based Aegis system imported from the United states.

Japan's Kyodo news agency said the Japanese defense budget will also work to strengthen the "Islands defense system", considering the "southwestern islands" defense. The budget to spend 39 billion 300 million yen to buy 4 V-22 Osprey transport, to ensure that plans to purchase a total of 17 "Osprey" all in place, to strengthen front-line troops quickly mobilize deployment capabilities. At the same time, 55 billion 300 million yen will be spent for the construction of the "south west police force" camps stationed in Miyako Island and Ishigaki in Okinawa. The budget includes 1 new AIPS submarines, 2 new integrated destroyers, 6 F-35A fighters, and long-range cruise missiles carried by fighters, so as to continuously enhance naval and air operations.

According to the Tokyo news of Japan, from the defense budget, the government's priority to ensure defense costs is more significant. When explaining the reasons for the expansion of defense costs, the Japanese government said that it was aimed at ensuring the safety of Japan's surrounding waters under the situation of North Korea's nuclear development and China's active marine activities. The rise in defense costs is mainly due to the strengthening of anti missile and the purchase of expensive advanced weapons made in the United States on the grounds of the defense of the Diaoyu Island, such as the Islands.

The editorials of the Japanese "Fukui news" issued an objection to the "strong army" of the Andouble regime. The editorial said that in the case of a severe financial situation in Japan, the government should carry out the responsibility for explaining the increase in defense costs. The editorial also believes that the purchase of long-range missiles by fighter planes will make Japan have the ability to attack "enemy base", which will inevitably be criticized, causing a violation of the self defense forces' defensive principles. The Andouble administration appears while rendering the threat of North Korea, while entering the forbidden atmosphere. It is necessary to continue to pay attention to the outline of the formal defense plan that will be formally established after the new year.

China Japanese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lu Hao told the "Global Times" said that the Andouble regime not only constantly breakthrough in military security policy and legal system, is also focused on the use of resources to strengthen the construction of the so-called "hard power", "integration of mobile defense force, creating a comprehensive intervention force can control the surrounding airspace and islands. The continued increase in Japan's defense budget reflects this trend. The Korean issue is the open reason and the "starting point" for Japan to strengthen its military security policy, but the more fundamental and long-term trend is that the Japanese military planning is being pulled by the "Chinese factor", and the precaution and containment against China is obvious.

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