Norway plans to increase U.S. foreign media: Russia or Wrath

Norway plans to increase U.S. foreign media: Russia or Wrath

Overseas network June 13 (Xinhua), there are foreign media news that the Norway plan to request the United States in the deployment of the Marine Corps in Nora times, the news pointed out that the move or intensifies the tension between Norway and the eastern neighbouring Russia.

According to Reuters, Norway government is more alert to Russia after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. Erickson, the foreign minister of Norway, told reporters that the request for the U.S. troops to increase the military capacity of NATO troops in winter did not mean that Norway allowed the United States to set up a permanent base and not for Russia.

Erickson emphasized that there is no American military base on the land of Norway. She further said that the decision to request U.S. troop increase was widely supported by the Norway Parliament.

Reports say Norway will ask the United States to send 700 Marines by 2019, which will be deployed at the border between Norway and Russia.

At present, the number of US Marines in Norway is 330, but the 330 US Marines will leave Norway at the end of this year. The 330 - man troops arrived in Norway in January last year, the first foreign army stationed in Norway since the Second World War, the purpose of which was to train winter combat capabilities in Norway.

It is understood that the United States hopes to establish a infrastructure that can accommodate up to 4 US planes in the south of Norway, part of the EU's deterrent plan after the Russian "annexation" of Crimea.

Reported that Norway invited the first batch of US Marines stationed in the area, angered Russia. Moscow said at the time that such a move would exacerbate bilateral relations and exacerbate tensions on NATO's north wing. Moscow has yet to make any comment on Norway's request for US troop surge. (overseas network Yao Kaihong)

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