Kenya is now gold deceived Chinese and local people deceive millions of compatriots.

Kenya is now gold deceived Chinese and local people deceive millions of compatriots.

Original title: Red Star survey Kenya is now a gold fraud Chinese, careful to be deceived or cheated $1 million 860 thousand.

Source: Red Star News

Huang Dongsheng and Wang Haisu did not know each other, but they encountered almost the same gold trade fraud in Kenya.

In this scam, Huang Dongsheng and his partner had been cheated for $1 million 860 thousand, and the relative vigilance Wang Hai was almost forced to be forced at the end of the contract, with the help of a local friend, who fled the game, with no big losses except flights to Kenya and some of the local flowers.

Wang Cuo, vice president of the Chinese Chinese Federation of overseas Chinese in Kenya, who lived for more than ten years, said he was concerned about the fraud "about three or four years, very active in the two years".

Wang Cuo told Red Star news that dozens of people have been cheated, and the number is $60 thousand to $100 thousand, or tens of millions of dollars. He has repeatedly sent friends circle, said: "remind your compatriots, the gold falling in the sky will really kill the dead! Kenya is very deep in the purchase of gold. " In September last year, China's Ministry of Commerce issued a reminder on the official website that "the number of recent cases of gold fraud in Kenya has increased".

What exactly is the gold trade fraud in Kenya? How did Huang Dongsheng and Wang Hai fall into such a hoax? Recently, they accepted the Red Star News interview, described their deception, and wanted to remind more people through their personal experience: don't fall for it!


Kun Chinese to uncover the golden trick

"Luxury car pick up, personal inspection, low price".

Africa is rich in gold, and South Africa is the world's largest producer of gold, Wang Cuo said in an interview with red star news. It left a "gold in Africa, gold in the streets, and it must be a very cheap feeling."

Wang mistake first heard that such a gold trade fraud had "ten years and eight years". He said that such a group of swindling groups, both Westerners, Congo (gold), and Kenya local people, people are more complex, there are Chinese in which to act as intermediaries (brokers). The scale of fraudulent gangs is different, small ones cheat small money, and big ones must cheat tens of millions of dollars.

Wang Cuo introduced, the trick of the fraud is the first of the fraud gang will be issued to the foreign advertising, said that he has gold to sell, and then find some middleman to find a buyer, promised a middleman can get a commission of 2.5%. The middleman will introduce some friends to buy the 2.5% Commission, some of which are working locally, and some are brought from home.

In Kenya for many years, Wang Cuo has heard of nearly a hundred such hoax, "deceived by the Chinese majority". Wang Cuo restored the general pattern of this kind of scam to the Red Star News with the experience of many deceived people.

The first step is to start with Chinese brokers. Close to buyers and get trust.

The second step is to pick up the high-end cars and take the buyers to the luxury villas to see the boxes of gold (let the buyer personally inspect the goods). It

The third step is to talk about cooperation. The price of gold in China's Hongkong market is about $41, 1 grams, and the owner here needs only about 28 US dollars for 1 grams, with a profit of 13 US dollars per gram. Wang Hai told Red Star News, before he went to Kenya to buy gold, he went to the famous Shenzhen water shellfish market, where the gold trade one gram earned 3~5 yuan has been a relatively high profit; some profit is low, one gram only earn 50 Fen.

The fourth step is to talk about the transaction. Buyers only need to pay 7% of the deposit. (28 dollars per gram, the deposit is about 2 dollars per gram), and this 7% is related to export fees in Kenya. 3 days later, the goods arrive in Hongkong, China, and sell at the market price of $41 a gram, and then pay the balance of 93%.

The fifth step is to sign the transaction contract, the buyer pays, and then fly back to Hongkong and China. The result is that the goods are always not available, the buyer asks, the owner returns to the buyer, the document has some problems, or the goods in Dubai need to deal with the documents, the trouble is to pay 10% of the cost. At this point, a conscious person will realize that there is a problem and will not pay again, and that is the end of the loss. Those who still care about the high profits will continue to pay, and the loss will be more and more. It

The sixth step is to dispose of the cargo owner or continue to let the buyer fight for money. It

The seventh step, the victim's complaint has no door.

Huang Dongsheng and Wang Hai told reporters in Red Star news that the fraud they encountered was similar to the above routine.

According to Wang Cuo, some fraudulent gangs in order to obtain the trust of the buyer, the transaction process will be the presence of lawyers, the buyer's money is also hit a lawyer's trust account. After the transaction is completed, it will be transferred to the owner. Huang Dongsheng also had a lawyer in the transaction process, but when he found that he was cheated, the lawyer avoided it.

The middleman will tell the buyer if he deceive the buyer in Kenya. Many people want to do this gold business. You have to keep it secret. And those who were cheated, many do not want to say to the outside world, "feel embarrassed by being cheated."

Wang Hai was engaged in a lot of high-end customers and decided to accept red star news interview after careful consideration, but before the interview he stressed that the report must not disclose any of his personal information. "Because of the gold (being cheated) is my personal thing, let everybody know, it will be the whole company for us." It has an impact. "


Deception of cheated Chinese

Think of a good friend, think it's all right

The business that has been introduced by my friends for many years, put down the mind

Huang Dongsheng is engaged in international trade, and the company does bulk goods trade. His partner is an American Chinese woman from a large public relations company in the United States, and the two are friends for many years.

The gold trade was introduced by a item company project manager for more than 20 years by a partnership public relations company. The project manager is an American and a partner with Huang Dongsheng is an old friend of more than 20 years. If the transaction is successful, the project manager can get a 1.25% Commission.

Huang Dongsheng said that he trusted partners and partners in the United States project manager, which resulted in their lack of timely verification of many places of doubt and the final cheated. "Because we are friends for more than 20 years, we certainly believe him." He had doubted whether he would be cheated, but he told himself that he would not, because he was such a good friend.

After hearing Huang Dongsheng's experience, Wang Cuo believed that the US project manager was the middleman to introduce the buyer to the fraud gang. But Huang Dongsheng trusted the American project manager in the whole process until he received an interview with red star news. "Now, we suspect that the US project manager and the owner are a group."

Huang Dongsheng said in an interview with Hongxing news, "we made a big mistake this time". He reminded, "your story tells you, do business, good friends, can be entertained, can give discounts, but the business process can not be less."

Last July, Huang Dongsheng and his partners were ready to deal with the owners of Kenya, but because of the unstable situation in Kenya, he and his partner flew to Kenya to sign a contract in November. According to the information he provided, the shipper was a woman named Sherry Seepersad, who said her gold came from Congo.

After arriving in Kenya, Huang Dongsheng and partners personally tested the 300 kilograms of gold to be bought. "In 6 boxes, we took samples out of each box, drilled with electric drills, and then melted and solidified. Then I got the inspection from the Ministry of mining in Kenya, and got the report from the Ministry of mining to ensure that the products were genuine.

Wary, or be cheated

Because of the risk, the original 300 kilograms of transactions. Huang Dongsheng and his partners decided to trade only 50 kilograms first. "These 50 kilograms are no problem, then continue trading."

Huang Dongsheng said that the price they negotiated with the shipper at that time was 38000 dollars and a kilogram, but they only needed to pay 6.35% of the cost. So they paid about 120 thousand dollars for the first time.

As a businessman, Huang Dongsheng is still careful. Their money was not directly remitted to the owner, but to a trust account for a local lawyer introduced by the United States project manager, "so we have done very carefully."

After 50 kilograms of money, the American project manager told them that local officials told him that the gold they had imported from Congo (gold) to Kenya was 300 kilograms, and that the export from Kenya must be 300 kilograms. "So the problem is coming. Next we have to pay 250 kilograms, so we have no choice but to pay."

In fact, Huang Dongsheng had suspected the possibility of being cheated, but because of the relationship that a good friend introduced, they paid another 250 kilograms of predetermined costs, about $600 thousand. Then they saw the pictures of the goods packed and packed and ready to leave the airport. "The goods will pass through Belgium and Holland and finally come to our side. Our US project manager and cargo owner came by plane first, but when they arrived, they were told that the goods were detained at the Nairobi airport in Kenya.

The owner told Huang Dongsheng the reason was that the airport said that the export of goods must apply for the export license of the United Nations to ensure that the gold was not from the United Nations listed in the gold washing list, and told them that the cost of the United Nations license was 5%.

"We saw all the 6 loading boxes. We saw the warehouse list, but the goods did not arrive. No way. We only have to pay 5% more for about 570 thousand dollars. " This time, Huang Dongsheng still remitted money into the lawyer's trust account.

Next, Huang Dongsheng received the message that the goods arrived in Belgium. "There is a proof that the goods exist in the Belgian trust bank, and our project manager really sees the goods in Belgium." But he was told again that they would also have to pay 5% of the United Nations export licence fee in Belgium. "Then we also believed, and remitted 5% of the cost in the past, two times before and after a total of 1 million 140 thousand dollars."

So far, the lawyer trust account introduced by Huang Dongsheng and partners to the US project manager has been remitted to US $1 million 860 thousand. He paid 80% and the partner paid 20%.

All certificates provided by the owner are forged

However, until April this year, Huang Dongsheng still did not receive the goods. Last month, he and his partners began to suspect that they might encounter a gang of fraud, so he found an official in the United Nations to handle mineral export certificates in the United Nations through a friend in Nairobi, and gave the owner the "export license" to the other party.

As a result, the other side told him that the export license of the United Nations was blue. They were beige and one hundred percent were fake. Previously, the website of the United Nations export license granted to them by the shipper was also proved to be a fake website fabricated by the other side. Later, they checked the certificate of gold storage in Belgium by their friends, and found that the certificate was false.

Previously, the owner of the ship gave 50 kilograms of gold to the lawyer to guarantee Huang Dongsheng's trust. Identify yourself

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