The drop of over 30% in one day should now be invested in bitcoins?

The drop of over 30% in one day should now be invested in bitcoins?

Source: three AMA financial public number

One world, one coin and a heaven.

It is said that if you have a bit currency, you can change a flat in Beijing, and one hundred bits can change one hundred square meters.

Only six years ago, a bit of a bit was worth about a dollar and one hundred bits of $one hundred.

Six years ago for $one hundred, now can change a house of one hundred square meters, and can pick the Ditan Park on the edge of the area. This is the origin of a coin and a paradise.

The problem is that the price of bitcoin fell very quickly these days - about four days, falling from a minimum of $twenty thousand to $ten thousand. And then bounce some.

Looking back at the history of bitcoin, the price has fallen sharply not two times.

Since 2010, it has turned more than 100 times a year, prices above $ten, and then down to 93%.

Turn one hundred times more, and then fall 70% for a few months.

Turn ten times and then fall 86%.

Then it turned one hundred times faster, and now it fell nearly 40% in four days.

So, can you buy it now?

Investment institutions have come out to say that this is the biggest bubble in human history, and there are bigger agencies that say that 40% of the four days is a "healthy callback".

Who do we listen to?

Before we make a decision, let's take a look at the dogs first.

Pictured above is the more than 600 Tibetan mastiff shelters photos of reporters in Qinghai in August this year, a village dog shelters.

Where are these dogs coming from?

When the Tibetan mastiff prices from two million to twenty million of the price range in a short period of time down to two or three thousand a, the dog was abandoned. Eat meat before, now eat steamed bread.

The next picture is a reference for the quotation before the Chinese Tibetan mastiff network.

The people who support the bitcoin say it's the future. It may really be the future.

But it may not be the future, or a future that is too long.

The short term may be a Tibetan mastiff.

Can you bear the possibility of a Tibetan mastiff?

Secondly, there is one aspect of investment, that is, the price is up and down, your small heart can bear.

Four days, forty percent of the money, eat still fragrant?

Do you want to buy a $more than 10000, may be the future may also return to zero, and the price fluctuation of super intense goods?

Supplementary reading:

The above is the Amazon stock of the electricity supplier company. It was only a few dollars a share in 1998, and then the stock price rose one hundred dollars in one year, and then fell back to a few dollars in one year. This time the company has never earned money from a deficit, to lose $five hundred million (green line).

But it now stood up, is the Internet industry benchmark enterprise, more than 1000 shares, two or three quarter earnings: million you can buy apple in the Amazon, then send it to you at home; you can buy an e-book reader, traveling on the road back a complete Jin Yong without pressure......

Amazon could be zero in the same year, but people have come to it.

So, I think that even if you want to buy, you can also think about the stock, even if the illusory stock is a little bit more than the virtual currency.

If you are not very able to stir up the stock, you can first pay attention to this micro signal. Or pay attention to the author himself.

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