Beijing News: what is the driving force behind Tianjin's talent new deal?

Beijing News: what is the driving force behind Tianjin's talent new deal?

Original title: what is the driving force behind Tianjin's new talent policy?

Many other cities have also introduced talent to attract new policies, and some even have preferential policies for new talents than Tianjin. The pressure of talent in Tianjin can be imagined.

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According to reports, in May 16th, Tianjin officially announced the Haihe talent program attracting talents, which greatly reduced the threshold for talents to settle down. According to Sun Wenkui, vice mayor of Tianjin, the "Haihe talent" plans to highlight the needs of the development of strategic and emerging industries, and put forward a series of innovative measures for talents in 8 aspects, such as high level innovative talents and urgent shortage of professionals. "Haihe talent" plan has great reform in talent placement. It is mentioned that the undergraduate is under 40 years of age, and the master is under 45 years of age. The doctor is not subject to the age limit. As long as he holds a certificate of identity and a diploma, it can be directly settled.

The announcement of the Haihe talent program in Tianjin attracted much public attention. To sum up, the Haihe elite is no longer the first preferential policy to attract talents in Tianjin. Earlier, Tianjin issued a number of measures to further accelerate the development of high-end talents in Tianjin, and launched the policy of "renting houses". The "Haihe elite" plan, which is introduced this time, is even more generous in terms of age and more favorable for settlement.

At present, not only Tianjin, many other cities have also introduced talents to attract new policies, some even have preferential treatment than Tianjin's new talent policy. Under this background, the talent attraction pressure of Tianjin can be imagined. In addition, as a super large city with tens of millions of people, a municipality directly under the central government, and the earliest open coastal city, the pressure of Tianjin may be more difficult to understand in some other cities.

In modern history, Tianjin once enjoyed many other cities' unparalleled brilliance.

Tianjin is one of the important bases of Westernization Movement. There had been the first self built long-distance telephone line, the first official railway connecting the big cities, the first modern public university, and the earliest modern city bus. Until the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Tianjin was the only industrial city comparable to Shanghai. It was an example for the whole nation to learn.

In fact, even after the reform and opening up, the performance of Tianjin has been not vulgar, and its economic growth has been in the leading position for a long time for 20 years. For example, in 2010, Tianjin's GDP growth rate was 17.4%, ranking first in the country. After that, it was the three consecutive year.

But, perhaps because of the glory of the past few years, Tianjin's economic downturn has become more visible, and of course, it will bring greater pressure on the city of Tianjin.

For example, just released the first quarter economic development data, Tianjin GDP grew by only 1.9%. Compared with the same period last year, a sharp decline of 5.5 percentage points. In fact, Tianjin's GDP grew by only 3.6% last year.

The downward pressure on economic data is partly due to the fact that Tianjin is experiencing economic transformation and upgrading. After the economic transition period, the traditional industries, such as iron and steel and petrochemical industry, which have been highly dependent, are declining, and the emerging industries, represented by robots and high and new materials, can not immediately replace the old industries, relatively strong national economy, the private economy is also underdeveloped, and the growth of service industry is also difficult. Not to reveal "fatigue".

Although in the past, the speed of urban economic development and the simple GDP data are no longer like the magic charm worn on the head. However, in the face of the huge "drop", facing the pressure of economic downturn, as the former "economic development leader", of course, more power to catch up.

This is perhaps the real reason why Tianjin is now eager for talented people, especially those who can help transform them. It is not difficult to find its desire from the strength of Tianjin's talent policy and the speed and extent of its upgrading.

New talent means new blood. Through the Haihe talent program, Tianjin will surely attract more outstanding young people, and its economic development and transformation and upgrading will inevitably be more secure.

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