Media: is it safe for a girl to sit down and change her head after being killed by a stewardess?

Media: is it safe for a girl to sit down and change her head after being killed by a stewardess?

Original title: take a ride, why should we accept sexual suggestion? Is it safe for a girl to sit down after a change in the head?

Seeking self-protection, users are popular to change their faces.

This afternoon, we announced the improvement measures for the car.

All personalization labels and comment functions of the downline;

The car stopped to take orders at 22 ~6.

Drivers must face recognition before they leave the bus every day.

The emergency help function is raised to a significant position.

After the "stewardess victims case"

The labeling function of the dripping wagon

Questioned and criticized by netizens


Before, in the single page of the dripping car, you can see the age, occupation, head image and other information of the user, as well as the time, place, the price of the passenger, and the driver's evaluation of the passengers.

Some of the evaluations are very revealing, such as "quiet beauty girls" and "beautiful women get off easily when they get off."

Dripping measures

Many people have expressed their support

But the trend of "changing the image of the head" on micro-blog is getting stronger and stronger.

In view of its own safety, many girls have changed the head of a drop account. The original self portrait has been transformed into a hard and ugly man, and the self profile is also marked as "love fighting", "violence", "Boxer" and so on.

Slide left to see changes in user profile and profile changes.

In addition to changing the head image, how can you protect yourself?

The "change of dripping" looks like joy, but in fact it is silent protest.

@ every day said, "this really has contracted my laughing point, but behind the revised data is the deep frustration of the girls."

Maybe people who change their faces know that changing the head image can't change anything. @ panda eyes said: "the problem is not on the head, there is energy to be entangled in these minor details, or think carefully about how to guard against safety."

Sometimes even these images can "accidentally injure" others. @ Min Min said, "I am a female driver. I want to look at those data, so I dare not take orders."

However, there are some other voices in the Internet public opinion, one is that "girls should take tools to protect themselves", the other is - "girls go out in the middle of the night" and "girls don't dress too much".

Is it safe for girls to ride like this? Obviously not.

@ Jiangning Public Security Online has repeatedly stressed: "tips for girls to protect themselves with knives are all nonsense. There is a lot of harm and no profit. It is unnecessary to say that it is possible to send equipment to gangsters.

"Another reason that many women feel uncomfortable is that" girls should take care of themselves. " The topic of today is: in the mouth of some people, it is often added that "you are hurt by sex invasion, that is because you are too open in your clothes or behavior."

For this idea, the writer Long Yingtai gave a standard response decades ago: "loving beauty is my business. My legs are beautiful, I want to wear mini skirts, my shoulders are nice, I am happy to wear my back. If a dirty man infringes on me, then he is a dishonorable criminal and murderer. The apples in the garden grow sweet again, but they are not yours, you can't pick them up.

@floc also felt: "it is wrong to blame girls for going out at midnight. Before society is perfect, it is more important to prevent and protect yourself.

The magic of "universal social"?

In fact, instead of strengthening women's "Self-protection", public opinion is looking forward to how to avoid women falling into the "self defense" situation.

For example, the origin of "universal social".

Knowing @codedump questioned, "I'm riding a free ride. Why do posters need to be so clear? Relevant product managers and heads should be accountable. Once you have a demon on the road of social interaction and want to get results quickly, you can only dig out the ugly side of human nature. Safety is one of the most important characteristics of this product, and this suggestion may make some people fantasize about the impact of security attributes.

According to public information, the average age of car owners is 32 years old, the ratio between men and women is 6:1, and the ratio of men to women is 1:1.

Therefore, the "rule of law weekend" mentioned in an article: we can see the naked sex hint from the poster that used to popularize cars earlier. The driver is a male, and the passenger is a woman. The poster has created a relationship between a man and a woman like lovers, and the copywriter has obvious hints. To put it plainly, it is not unintentional, but deliberately to make a ride platform with sexual hints. The so-called food color, it is to use the evil in human nature, to achieve capital gains. Because this is the only way to attract enough part-time drivers to run.

"Xinhua Daily" also said that drops in the scoring system, provided the "beauty", "handsome boy" and so on the label, in the promotion of the copywriting, "we date bar" frequently appeared, and also run a large "blind date blind date". It all shows that, in order to compete for the traffic in the driver's registration, the platform has a strong "socialized" tendency to express a "social attraction" to the driver - "the social person gets the flow of traffic, and the flow of people gets the world."

Not all Internet products must be social products. "Forced social interaction" may even affect the main functions.

"Surging news" believes that the "impression label" of a dripping car is so bad that it hurts "anonymity", and that girls change their images into men of prey to restore their "anonymity" in the background instead of being labeled passively.

The chief said that the driver was able to determine the basic quality of the passenger and determine whether the passengers were in the same field as long as they were able to know whether the passengers were on time, whether they were accurate, and whether they were polite. The attention of the vehicle owners to travel related information is not only to protect passengers, but also to protect the owners.

As a travel service provider, it is suggested that the relevant enterprises focus on "safe travel", all day long in the "Pan social" aspect of the brain, sooner or later to repeat the "impression label".

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