Sichuan Airlines: no surveillance video of the cab has been checked for the same type of aircraft glass.

Sichuan Airlines: no surveillance video of the cab has been checked for the same type of aircraft glass.

Original title: Sichuan Airlines: the airliner cab has no surveillance video and has checked all the windshield glass of the same type of aircraft.

Surging news reporter Wang Xin Intern Li Xiangyi

Chen Jianzhong, chief engineer of the Sichuan Uni Airways Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Sichuan Airlines") told the in May 16th that there was no surveillance video in the airliner's cab, which could not restore the broken glass. The whole process of falling off. None of the previous inspections, including routine examinations before and after C inspection and take-off and landing, found problems. After the incident, the staff immediately checked all the 24 aircraft of the company.

Shi Zuyi, general manager of Sichuan Airlines, told the details of the event at the 3U8633 Chongqing Lhasa unit media meeting: in May 14th, the A319 and B-6419 aircraft carried out the 3U8633 flight from Chongqing to Lhasa, and the plane climbed to the 9800 meter cruise altitude after 6:27 am. When flying through the Chengdu air pipe area, the front windshield glass of the engine cockpit suddenly broke up and dropped off, causing the aircraft cabin to be seriously out of pressure, the passenger oxygen mask fell and the flight plane was in an emergency and dangerous state.

Captain Liu Chuanjian recalls that he and his co pilot Xu Ruichen first heard a bang, and then found cracks on the glass. Liu Chuanjian touched the glass with his hand, then reported to the ATC department, and asked to return to the ground.

"Just a second (the glass was broken). I didn't know what was going on in a moment. (I) opened my eyes and saw that half of my drive was outside. I tried to stretch my hand to pull it, and I couldn't pull it."

After the air danger, the unit first announced the emergency state through the aircraft transponder emergency device (7700). At the same time, the emergency procedures of the aircraft and aircraft personnel were checked and the emergency procedures were carried out according to the special procedures, and the emergency landing of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport was selected. After receiving the emergency, the Chengdu air traffic control department immediately started the emergency disposal procedure, commanded the other airplanes in the air and provided the special channel for the aircraft, giving priority to the landing.

Shi Zuyi said that, according to the survey information currently mastered by the Bureau, the lost windshield glass is the original part of the machine. Since the new machine was put into operation in July 26, 2011, there was no record of failure and no repair work had been carried out.

According to public information display, according to flight hours or landing sorties, aircraft maintenance is generally divided into A, B, C and D inspection levels, and its maintenance intensity increases progressively. Earlier media reports said that the latest A inspection of the aircraft was completed in Kunming in April 12, 2018. The latest C test was 3C, which was commissioned by the Sichuan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation in March 9, 2017.

In the past maintenance, did we specifically check the falling right side windshield? In this regard, Chen Jianzhong explained that as long as the contents of the work package is checked. Not for the glass, but for every piece of glass. In addition, personnel are inspected after each voyage (after landing). If the glass was found to be in question and found, it would be impossible for the aircraft to take off.

Shi Zuyi also added that the glass had not been replaced and repaired. That is to say, it is in a good state. "There are nearly 200 crew members around the plane turning around the plane. Every flight must be checked before and after voyage. And there are rules for which places to check. The examination is not checked, and it must be recorded. "

Shi Zuyi said that at present, the company is also being investigated. The specific reasons for the rupture and falling off of the windshield on the right side should be based on the conclusion of the joint investigation team.

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