Sichuan Airlines hero crew interviewed by the media, the captain tells more startling details

Sichuan Airlines hero crew interviewed by the media, the captain tells more startling details

Original title: Sichuan Airlines hero crew interviewed by the media, the captain talked about more startling details

14 in the morning at 7 hours and 06 minutes, from Chongqing to Lhasa to Lhasa Airlines flight 3U8633, at 9800 meters high flying, the right seat front of the cockpit front windshield suddenly burst and fall off. Under the condition of high speed, low temperature, anoxia and huge noise, the crew handled decisively, and finally safely prepared for the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. All passengers landed safely.

Just today (16) afternoon, the unit responded to media concerns. What does captain Liu Chuanjian and his crew want to say in the face of all kinds of noises outside? What details did they reveal when they landed safely? What is the progress of the event survey?

Captain Liu Chuanjian: Windshield cracks found during cruise phase

Captain Liu Chuanjian clarified an earlier statement that was not accurate enough. Liu Chuanjian said that before the windshield burst, there was no sign at all that it was not accurate enough. In fact, when they flew to Baoxing County, Ya'an, Sichuan, they found cracks in the windshield when they were 9800 meters in the air.

They untied the seat belt and touched the windshield with their hands to see if there was a crack in the inside or outside. After touching them, they tied up their seat belts and reported them to the air traffic controllers in time. That is to say, the corresponding emergency mechanism has been launched at that time.

The moment the captain restored the thrilling moment

Captain Liu Chuanjian restored the breathtaking moment when the windshield burst. He said that after reporting with the air traffic controllers, soon the windshield disappeared. The instant pressure difference made him dark. After a few seconds, he found that the half of his assistant driver was sucked into the outside of the plane.

He tried to pull the copilot back to the cabin for the first time, but because he was wearing a seat belt, he was immobilized on his driving seat and could not reach his colleagues. After the huge burst, the wind poured into the whole cabin and opened the pilot's door directly. After the emergency handling of the engine room, the assistant driver returned to his seat with the help of other crew members.

Liu Chuanjian said that he was not "Captain Sally", and the security preparations were completed by the team, reflecting the achievements of China's civil aviation industry. "At that time, the most tangled thing was to decline or persist as soon as possible for safety."

Air crew: when you comfort passengers, you have faith in the captain.

An air crew member of the 3U8633 crew of Sichuan Airlines, recalls when an air crew was interviewed. The passengers were afraid to cry. They came up to comfort. "Please believe that we can send you safely to your destination." Air crew told reporters: "we have the bottom of our hearts, because we believe our captain, we believe in normal training!"

At present, the investigation team has been set up, and Airbus headquarters has participated.

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