GAP will cut down the map of China, apologize, the Taiwan authorities exploded and clamored "Taiwan independence".

GAP will cut down the map of China, apologize, the Taiwan authorities exploded and clamored

Original title: GAP will cut down the map of China, apologizing the Taiwan authorities, exploding and clamoring "Taiwan independence"

Overseas network, May 16, recently, a net friend of the US clothing brand GAP T - shirt, T - shirt on the map of China, Zangnan, AQ chin, Taiwan, the South China Sea area are "erased". GAP issued an apology statement that night, respected China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and announced that the related products should be destroyed. In response, a spokesman for China's Ministry of foreign affairs responded that we have taken note of this statement and we will continue to listen to it and observe it.

And this time, the authorities are not calm again. According to Taiwan media, 15, the Taiwan Foreign Affairs Department clamored that the Taiwan region was "an independent country" and said that "the international community generally recognized". In this regard, the island netizens hit the nail on the head and pointed out that "Taiwan is small to the world can not see, only the Chinese mainland cares about Taiwan's existence."

There is also a message saying, "yes, we should review the apology and destroy the redo."

The media have been sounding, reporting on the attitude of the mainland

The Taiwan United Daily, the Central News Agency, and other mainstream media in the island also reported on the matter. The United newspaper reported the full text of the GAP's apology statement and pointed out that "China has recently strengthened its territorial use of sovereignty in China, such as Taiwan, and other companies in the United States. Apology after the incident, including Delta Airlines and Marriott International Group.

Taiwan "Central News Agency" quoted the State Office spokesman Ann Feng Shan's statement that "foreign enterprises operating in China should respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, abide by the laws of China and respect the national feelings of the Chinese people." This is the most basic compliance of them here. "

The "Taiwan independence" elements are rampant and the mainland wants to be wanted all over the world.

Recently, this kind of "Taiwan independence" speech, like Taiwan's foreign affairs department, has repeatedly clamored, causing unanimous criticism from both sides. With Lai Qingde's "Taiwan independence" speech as a typical example, the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait was flagrantly provoked, and Cai Yingwen argued that "Lai Qing De is to emphasize the pragmatic side, not malicious or other ideas, he is a pretty honest man."

Since Cai Yingwen came to power, this kind of refusal to recognize the "92 consensus" of the Chinese principle, according to a poll by the Taiwan joint newspaper, found that people dissatisfied with Cai Yingwen's administration have increased to 56%, a new high for two years. The mainland media has suggested that the list of "Taiwan independence" molecules be published and punished according to the law, and that they should be wanted globally.

In response, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office said that "Taiwan independence" is a dead end, which will only bring disaster to our compatriots in Taiwan. We have said that all the traces must be left. The "Taiwan independence" elements should not think that what they said or done can be seen without any trace of water. Any "obsessive" and stubborn "Taiwan independence" elements will be condemned by the people and punished by history.

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