Japan's violent group is suspected of smuggling gold from Hongkong to make nearly 400 million yen.

Japan's violent group is suspected of smuggling gold from Hongkong to make nearly 400 million yen.

Original title: Japanese violent group suspected of smuggling gold from Hongkong to earn nearly 400 million yen

Overseas network, May, 16 Japanese 7 men suspected of smuggling gold were arrested by the police on 15 days. A number of members of the violent group were suspected of smuggling 10 kg of gold from Hongkong, China, in December last year. Police estimate that they have smuggled at least 4 billion 875 million yen (about 280 million yuan) of gold bullion to Japan since last year.

According to the Hongkong East network, the arrests include a number of people in the City Wing of the 34 year old man, who are suspected of violating the customs and consumer tax laws, which police believe is related to the "ru" of the quasi violent group. The city wing and others are suspected of importing a large number of glass containers into Japan in the name of the company from 6 to 7 December last year. There are 334 pieces of metal plates including gold pieces, weighing about 30 grams per piece of gold, with a total value of about 45 million yen (about 2 million 600 thousand yuan), trying to escape the consumption tax of about 3 million 600 thousand yen (about 210 thousand yuan).

Police say that a small piece of nickel plated nickel has been hidden on the bottom of the small box in the glass container. As a large number of goods were sent to the same company's air address by air mail, the suspicion of Tokyo customs staff was aroused, and the incident was finally revealed.

Police said that the city wing and others were suspected of smuggling gold in this way from August to December last year, up to 170 times. After that, they sold to those in Tokyo's Taitung district and sold about 991 kilograms of gold to earn about 390 million yen (about 22 million 570 thousand yuan). Police believe that nearly 10 people involved in the gang have issued a warrant for the arrest of at least 2 other members of the same party.

Why has Japan been so popular with gold smugglers in recent years? Because the Japanese government increased its original 5% consumption tax to 8% in April 2014, and the 3% increase is just the "welfare" found by criminals. The Japanese customs and police are stepping up the attack as a result of the sharp increase in the number of smuggled gold from abroad.

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