Us special forces encounter 4 people killed in the US military investigation report released light enemy is the main reason

Us special forces encounter 4 people killed in the US military investigation report released light enemy is the main reason

Data map: American special soldiers

Last October, 4 US Army special forces were killed by terrorist ambushes in Niger. This is the most serious casualty in Africa since the Black Hawk crashed in Somalia 25 years ago. Since the last battle video captured by one of the special forces was captured on the Internet, the incident has attracted wide attention. After the attack, the African command of the United States investigated the incident. Recently, the US Department of defense published the survey and released details of the ambush of the US special forces and the terrorists in Niger and the war with them.

Leak in front of the volt

Although the incident suddenly happened, the reason for the death of 4 US special forces and 4 Niger soldiers is not limited to this. The loopholes in the front-line command, training, management and mechanism of the US Army are all important reasons for the death of more than one soldier.

First, the United States special forces are not the main line. 4 U. S. special soldiers and their special units belong to the special unit. The mission to Niger is to train and equip Niger's new counter-terrorism force, which belongs to an auxiliary force. After arriving in Niger, only half of the special forces carried out intensive training.

Secondly, commanders of special forces and their subordinated superiors do not know clearly about the nature of the mission and do not have enough command. The commanding officer, when submitting his application, called the force's action to go out on patrol. In fact, the special force was an important leader of the Niger army and another special force to capture the "Islamic state" in Niger. After the action was cancelled, the special force was sent to other regions to gather intelligence and to replenish drinking water on the way back to the base. As soon as the village is out, the convoy is in volt. After the ambush, the commanders of the special forces were inaccurate to judge the enemy's situation. They thought it was only a small scale attack. After 53 minutes of attack, they contacted the rear base to ask for support, and the special soldiers were killed at this time.

Finally, there is a lack of maneuver and maneuver before action, ignoring reconnaissance. Before this operation, the US special forces did not carry out any pre war rehearsal or exercise, and had only acted two times before the Niger army. The whole team had no proper arrangements for the specific requirements of the task, the threat that might be encountered, no heavy weapons, and no armored protection. During the operation, the US reconnaissance plane did not reconnaissance the road of the operation troops returning to base.

Friendly support is not ineffective

After the incident, some media believed that the support of the Niger army and the French army at that time was not in place, which was the main reason for the death of 4 US special forces. However, the investigation report released by the US Department of defense showed that the support of Niger and the French army at that time, though there were problems, responded promptly and timely.

After receiving information from the US Army, the Niger army and the French army quickly responded. Niger ground troops left the base for rescue after 8 minutes of receiving the news, but the complex terrain made the unit reach the site after 4 hours and 25 minutes. A helicopter of the Niger army arrived in the vicinity of the fighting area about 40 minutes later. The French army's "mirage" -2000 fighter also arrived in 47 minutes. Although the "phantom" fighters of the French army carried ammunition, they were unable to determine the position of the ground friends, and they could not communicate directly with the ground friends, and could not attack the terrorists. But the emergence of the "mirage" fighter still played a certain role. Terrorists are frightened by the threat of fighters and evacuated immediately, saving the lives of the friendly forces on the ground. Later, the US special forces and the Niger soldiers were picked up by two French army helicopters.

It can be seen that the 4 special forces of the US Army were killed in battle, and they could not support the support of the friendly forces. On the face of it, the causes of the incident involve many aspects such as the individual, organization and mechanism of the US Army. But fundamentally, it is nothing different from the "Black Hawk fall" that occurred in Somalia 25 years ago, because of the US enemy's arrogance and arrogance.

(the author is the army artillery Air Defense Academy)

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