The annihilate -20 or will be involved in the island? The expert screamed: it's not difficult to get rid of it

The annihilate -20 or will be involved in the island? The expert screamed: it's not difficult to get rid of it

Original title: the annihilate -20 or will be involved in the island? The expert screamed, "it's not hard to get rid of it!"

Overseas network May 16, the recent mainland military experts said that the PLA Air force can carry out "cruise around the island" models of many, the future of the fighter -20 and other models are likely to join the "cruise around the island" team. In this regard, Taiwan military experts said "disagree", the big wild anthem said, "the Taiwan side destroyed the annihilate -20 is not difficult."

Taiwan experts say "it is not difficult to destroy the -20".

According to the "Liberation Army Daily" recently reported that military expert Du Wenlong said that now the air force "around the island cruising" has been normalized, can be dispatched at any time. "Cruising around the island" embodies the air force's systematic combat capability, ground and air support capability and the ability to fight at any time. It also tests the operational capability of the new aircraft. The air force can carry out many types of "detour cruise", and the future fighters such as -20 and Su -35 are likely to join the team of "cruise around the island", and the elements of the system will become more and more abundant.

In this regard, according to Taiwan's "central time electronic newspaper" reported, Taiwan former "Marine Corps" Colonel, senior "Defense Advisory Committee" by Song Zhaowen 16 through social media, said, "the annihilate -20 can be detected, the annihilate -20 is not the Invincible Iron diamond!" He claimed that Taiwan's Leshan radar, F16V radar, and the "CAS" anti stealth radar, "all have a full grasp of the annihilation of the fighter -20", especially the anti stealth radar motor, itself without radiation, passive sensing of the air target, the detection range of 400 kilometers, the target, combined with the tactics of long-range air defense missiles, "It's not difficult to get rid of the annihilate -20!"

In the end, he said without any acid, "he said," -20 is good, that is a bragging, can stand the test of the battlefield, the enemy said well, it is really good! "

To annihilate -20 or to go around the island? The Taiwan army is in a hurry: it must be found!

It is reported that the first sea training of -20 was launched. The island is worried that -20 will soon join the team. China's Air Force spokesman Shen Jin University announced in May 9th that China's independent development of a new generation of stealth fighter -20, the first time to carry out practical military training in the direction of the sea, to further enhance the ability of the air force integrated operations.

This media analysis said that the PLA has sent many batches of fighters, bombers and early-warning machines to cruise around the island this year. In the earlier launch of the bombardment 6K propaganda film, even the picture of the Taipei 101 building was appeared, so -20 was first out of the sea, and it was likely to choose the direction of the Taiwan Strait. Reported that the island is concerned if the fighters -20 around the platform cruise, in the case of the Taiwan Army undiscovered, take photos of Orchid Island, green island or South Wushan, Taiwan authorities will not be able to deal with the public.

Under such circumstances, the Taiwan military could not sit still and forcefully argued that "annihilate 20 can take off as soon as possible." According to media reports, Chen Zhongji, a spokesman for the Defense Department of the fighters of the J -20 stealth fighter, said in May 10th that the Taiwan army "has the ability to master the status of the promotion of continental warplanes in the southeast coast, even if the j 20 is no exception." Another general of the army said that any mainland military aircraft approaching the "airspace" of Taiwan, the Taiwan military fleet will "follow the existing combat readiness procedures and follow up with surveillance".

Su -35 is here, is the annihilate -20 far away?

Taiwan military voice has just fallen, the air force spokesman in May 11th at an airport in Southern China issued a message, the air force in 11 organized the eastern and Southern War Zone Air Force coordinated action, bomber, reconnaissance aircraft around the flying platform cruise. The Soviet -35 fighters first flew over the Straits of the Bombay -6K fighter fleet to achieve a new breakthrough in the island cruise mode, highlighting the new enhancement of the combat capability of the air force system.

Air force spokesman Shen Jin University said that air force officers at all levels remember the mission of the new era, enhance the ability to win the new era and defend the safety of the new era. The air force will continue to organize multiple fighters to cruise around the island on the basis of the established plan. The air force has firm will, full confidence and sufficient ability to defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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