Thailand's Maya Bay will be banned from sailing directly after the closure of the Bay in June.

Thailand's Maya Bay will be banned from sailing directly after the closure of the Bay in June.

China network of overseas Chinese on May 16, according to the Thailand "world daily" reported that Thailand natural resources and Environment Department of the Ministry of natural resources and environment, the director of the National Park of the local time revealed the local time 15, the Krabi Prefecture PP Island Sea National Park in the Gulf of Maya from June 1st, entering a 4 month period of cultivation recovery period. After reopening the tour in September 30th, the cruise ship will be banned directly into the Mayan Bay, and a small bay behind it is no longer a mess of yachts when visitors walk into the legendary "Paradise Beach".

During the island, the National Park hall will organize staff and experts to restore the Mayan bay environment, and from September 30th, the speedboat will no longer be allowed to go directly into the Mayan bay to take over visitors. The tour needs to be on the island in the luosharma Bay on the south side of the Maya Bay, where a log will be built. Along the footpath, visitors walk along this trail and enter the Maya Bay from the back, instead of coming directly from the front. The Hollywood film "Paradise Beach" has been publiced by the Hollywood film "the paradise beach" of the Mayan Bay in the sea National Park of the PP island of Krabi, which has received visitors every day this year. Because of the number of tourists, the beauty of the Bay has been greatly affected, especially the color coral underwater in the sea bay, destroyed by tourists. It is serious. Therefore, the office decided to rectify the order of sightseeing. From June 1st, the PP mine island of Maya Bay, which was located in the Mayan Bay, entered the 4 month closure of the island. During this period, visitors are prohibited from entering any beach on the island, making the sea area calm and underwater living.

In addition to improving the environment and avoiding the destruction of coral by tourists and cruise ships, the new sightseeing route can make the sightseeing route shorter and the cost cheaper. But the National Park office will also use this management method to control the number of tourists entering the Maya Bay every day. The target is to control no more than 2000 people per day.

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