WAL-MART plans to provide private shopping for the rich

WAL-MART plans to provide private shopping for the rich

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WAL-MART, who used to hit the parity Supermarket in the past, is trying to attract more wealthy consumers.

According to science and technology blog Recode recently reported that WAL-MART's technology incubator Code Eight is incubating a private shopping service called "busy New York Mom" (busy NYC moms). The shoppers who receive services can purchase and receive product recommendation information through SMS. After delivery, the courier will deliver home products free of charge within 24 hours, and other products will be delivered within two days.

Amazon wants to touch more rich consumer groups through this private shopping service. In the relevant recruitment information, Code Eight will serve the target audience is defined as "high net worth consumers (high net worth urban city consumer), and plans to charge membership fees, to provide" high quality products "as the focus of this population relates to health and beauty products, clothing etc. categories Home Furnishing.

In fact, the technology incubator Code Eight is also using smart technology to help improve WAL-MART's shopping experience.

Taking private shopping service as an example, Code Eight will fill in a questionnaire for the participating customers in the early test. After that, consumers can only get the photos of products they want to buy, and then get personalized service recommendation products. "We want to use machine learning, NLP and personalized algorithms to communicate better with consumers." Code Eight said.

Online store shopping experience, Code Eight's "Kepler project" (Project Kepler) is the use of computer vision technology to the existing WAL-MART store intelligent upgrade, one of the goals is to develop "no store cashier", this service is considered and the Amazon had closed beta Amazon Go no store similar.

When the retail consumption scenario is gradually turning to online platform, WAL-MART must optimize its own online and offline consumer experience in order to seize more market share. It has become one of the important goals of WAL-MART in recent years to provide better quality products and attract high-end passenger flow outside the mainstream consumer groups.

Before getting involved in private shopping, WAL-MART has tried to attract high income people through a series of acquisitions to get more quality online traffic.

In August 2016, WAL-MART to $3 billion acquisition of income high positioning developed areas, young people online retailer Jet.com, the industry believes that Jet.com will help narrow the gap between WAL-MART and Amazon in the field of electricity providers in the patent technology, customer data and purchasing power, the electricity supplier operating ability and so on; then to attract a wide range of high-quality customer base, WAL-MART purchased the vertical category of fashion electricity supplier brands, such as network shoe store ShoeBuy, outdoor equipment website MooseJaw, women's electricity supplier brand ModCloth, men's electricity supplier brand Bonobos and brand furniture electric Hayneedle; by November 2017, the United States Department of luxury accessories brand Lord& Taylor is also on the line on the WAL-MART website, the high-end brand is also in order to meet online luxury consumer demand growth.

Denise Incandela, the head of WAL-MART e-commerce fashion department, once told Reuters that the introduction of high-end brands is a part of WAL-MART business. "Our goal is to create a high-end fashion resort in WAL-MART website."

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