Discovered the alien UFO over North america! It is said that the 911 phone was ringing off the hook

Discovered the alien UFO over North america! It is said that the 911 phone was ringing off the hook

Source: Tian Yi SPACETY public number

I believe that many students have not been awake at the weekend, and they are awakened by the ElonMusk's tweets.

This is really the cousin's scare without hiccups! 911 of the phones are ringing off the hook, dare to joke that it was the "North Korean nuclear powered alien ufo"!!!

Of course, Tian Yi Jun was also awakened by LA's cousin to call. I asked he made a small video won't "brother, what is this??? Never seen!!! "

Tian Yi Jun quickly wake up from the sleep, but the truth is only one, this is the rocket launch "Scene" no doubt! Specifically, this is just the Spacex separation at Vandenberg the Falcon 9 rocket one or two "vision"! As for the principle, well, you can get a Book...

Goodbye, B1036.2!

Beijing time on December 23rd at 9:27 in the morning of 23 seconds, a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg air. It is understood that this is the last launch of the SpaceX this year, and 10 Iridium's satellites have been successfully deployed to the near earth orbit.

The well-known blogger @Steed technician with micro-blog introduced this rocket launch "special": This is not the first flight of the rocket, but it will be the last flight, because SpaceX said, no longer try to recycle the rocket.

Although the recovery of the rocket has become the norm, SpaceX would not be not had not recovered the rocket launch in July 6th this year, such as Intelsat 35e, Inmarsat-5 May 16th F4 and March 16th EchoStar 23, are overweight because the satellite takes too much fuel to a rocket for recycling. But the satellite is not overweight, even a minor launch of 10 satellites.

In January 14th this year, June 25th and October 9th, SpaceX has 3 times at Vandenberg Air Force base to launch an iridium satellite communications satellite, each time in the offshore platform the recovery of a rocket. In fact, this is once again launched a Falcon 9 launch in June 25th, is the second batch of 10 iridium used that one. Since there is no technical problem in recycling, why does it not recover this time?

The answer may be - clear the stock!

SpaceX has successfully carried out 20 landing recovery of Falcon 9 rocket, 4 times of recycling and recycling, and 16 of them have been saved in their hangar. In this, many of the Rockets have been old and old.

Yes, as the smartphone has been upgrading, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is constantly improving and upgrading. The current Falcon 9 rocket has been updated to Block 4, and the new Block 5 will be on the horse next year. And the upcoming launch of this rocket iridium gold recovery, or the first half of this year Block 3.

For Block 3 rockets, recycling is just an attempt to accumulate experience for the more durable Block 4 and Block 5 rockets. The ultimate goal of SpaceX is to reuse the reclaimed rocket without refurbishing, and the number of repetitions should be more than 10 times. The old Block 3 rocket is obviously not able to do this, and not only does it need to repair the refurbishment, but it may not be able to ensure more than 3 launches.

In this case, it is better to let the old rocket, which is once again, "glory" by the way of the mission. Anyway, I can't rest assured that it will fly third times again, not to mention the storage of the storeroom.

B1036.2 is a Falcon 9 rocket core number, it will become the first to complete the 2 time after the launch of the rocket is gone. And, at the moment, it should not be the last one.

Of course, you also want to Tianyi incidentally, which is two times of Iridium satellite launches, badge design is also very luxurious!

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