Apple wants Samsung to lower OLED panel price and boost iPhone sales growth

Apple wants Samsung to lower OLED panel price and boost iPhone sales growth

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late April 24th news, Taiwan regional media Digitimes quoted industry sources today that Apple Corp (hereinafter referred to as "apple") is negotiating with the Samsung Display, hoping that Samsung can reduce the price of the OLED panel to promote the sales of new Apple mobile phones.

Insiders say it is not surprising that Apple asked Samsung to lower the price of OLED panels. It is widely believed that sales of iPhone X are lower than expected, mainly because the price of $1000 is too high. Among them, the OLED screen takes up 1/3 of the total manufacturing cost of iPhone X.

The price of Apple's OLED panel purchased from Samsung was $110 last year, the report said. This year, Apple hopes to drop to $100.

Apple is likely to buy 100 million OLED panels from Samsung this year, of which 25 million are used for the current iPhone X, and the remaining 75 million will be used for the fall release of new phones, people said.

In addition, another person familiar with the matter said that the OLED panel manufacturers in mainland China may soon reduce the price of OLED panels in order to ensure that the production line continues to start.

According to the technology website AppleInsider, Apple will launch two OLED versions of iPhone this year, with a screen size of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, and a 6.1 inch LCD iPhone.

It is reported that Apple will produce new iPhone in August this year. Among them, the LCD version of iPhone is expected to produce 60 million units this year, while the 5.8 inch OLED version of iPhone produces 28 million, and 6.5 inches produce 22 million. (Li Ming)

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