Ma Ying-Jeou busy people eat dumplings: for Cai Yingwen to have friends with barricades

Ma Ying-Jeou busy people eat dumplings: for Cai Yingwen to have friends with barricades

Original title: Ma Ying-Jeou photo: people eat dumplings for busy users to have Cai Yingwen outside the barricades

China Taiwan network December 23rd, according to Taiwan's "Zhong Zhong e Bao", Ma Ying-Jeou, a former Taiwan leader, was captured by the 22 people on the evening of the evening of the evening in Taipei Longmen restaurant, jiaozi restaurant, and she was "captured" by the crowd and kindly shared with the guests in the store. PTT netizen said: "the acid to eat dumplings outside is Xiaoying, juma."

KMT chairman Li Mingxian also pointed out that the Cai Yingwen administration on Facebook, so far, Taipei city every weekend as held in Taipei exhibition barricades, barricades around the layers of downtown Taipei, and the Democratic Progressive Party when that behavior is erected barricades damage democracy in Taiwan, and now Cai Yingwen not only hurt the democracy in Taiwan, the more hurt the people of Taiwan the heart! He advised Cai Yingwen to remove barricades, repent and be saved, don't treat people as the enemy, don't hide behind the barricades in, it will keep to the history of the most communication authorities will become "the history of the authorities will set up barricades".

Ma Ying-Jeou cited people eat dumplings together, PTT users also put political figures for comparison: "A-Bian will you take three crossed it!" "X chrysanthemum is more expensive than him. He has a debt of Kaohsiung, but it tastes spicy and spicy all day." (Gao Xu, Taiwan, China)

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