"Hangzhou nanny arson" retired lawyer responded by filing administrative punishment

Original title: "Hangzhou nanny arson" retired lawyer responded by administrative penalties for

Legal Evening News News (reporter Li Dong Wang Ronghui) about 21 days, the trial process of Hangzhou nanny arson, the defendant Moumou Mo defender, Guangdong zengtai Law Firm lawyer of Hangzhou intermediate people's court party jurisdiction objection from the court after an exposure by the media, has aroused widespread concern.

According to media reports, the 22 day, the Guangdong Provincial Department of the relevant departments responsible person responded that, after the incident immediately sent an investigation group to Hangzhou. After reading and reading the related trial video, combined with the trial court's judicial recommendations, investigation team preliminary determination, Party lawyers alleged failure to comply with discipline of the court during the trial, unauthorized interference normal proceedings, retired, using the network hype case, causing serious social impact. According to the law of the lawyer and the relevant regulations of the lawyer's practice management, the judicial administrative organ decides to file a case on the administrative penalty for the alleged illegal and irregularities of the party.

The party, one and one lawyer, told the news reporter that the result was "foreseeable and nothing". But so far, there is no judicial and administrative authorities and lawyers who contacted him. "What they call an investigation is not comprehensive."

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