The man with his girlfriend as bait to play Xian rentiao blackmail clients for the crime in 2

The man with his girlfriend as bait to play Xian rentiao blackmail clients for the crime in 2

Original title: man with his girlfriend as bait to play Xian rentiao blackmail clients for the crime in 2

Anhui online news Fengyang, a man let his girlfriend through WeChat "nearby people" to find the target, about the other party in a small hotel room, wait until the time is ripe, go to "catch the traitor", and carry out the robbery. In December 15th, after two consecutive cases in Fengyang County, 3 suspects, including the couple, were captured by Fengyang police.

The evening of December 10th, Fengyang County Public Security Bureau Hongwu Road police station received a report that a man in the county was hit in a house north of the hotel. He was beaten by a man, 25 years old, Hongxin Town, Fengyang county. A few days before the incident, to work in Fengyang, with WeChat "nearby people" function, search for a woman to be a friend. After a few chatting, Chiang tried to come out and play with the girl. Two people meet in a hotel, after a good room to chat for a while, Jiang sent 300 yuan to the girl red packets, and put forward to sleep with women. The woman let Jiang Mouxian take a bath, he just took off his shirt when someone knocked at the door, then the door was flung open, rushed into the two young men, they took Jiang's mobile phone, beating them, and quickly fled, Jiang had to spend $5499 to buy Apple mobile phone was snatched.

In the evening of December 11th, a man from Bengbu, who went to Fengyang, was also used in the same way to steal more than 1000 yuan of cash and a mobile phone. The police investigation found that two cases of crime means, crime suspect number and physical characteristics are very similar, may be a premeditated Gang robbery and extortion implementation.

Fengyang police immediately organized the police to carry out case detection work, and soon identified two cases for the same group of people, including 3 suspects, two men and one woman. Strike up a conversation with a strange man responsible for women, lured the victim to the hotel room, the other two suspects to be followed, the real success, women try to notice the room waiting outside the room waiting to associates, assaulted the victim, demanding money to the victims through the "private" way.

Through continuous investigation, the suspect traces of the afternoon of December 15th, Wang Peng, a Lee, all 3 suspects were captured by the police, the interrogation of the Xian rentiao robbery confessed to the crime.

At present, 3 suspects have been detained in criminal cases, and the case is still under trial.

Source: Anhui network

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