Innovative high HUAWEI employees' average annual salary of 700 thousand in 2017

Innovative high HUAWEI employees' average annual salary of 700 thousand in 2017

Original title: high innovation! A 100 thousand increase in salary and an average annual salary of 700 thousand for HUAWEI employees in 2017

Source: deep reading of the company

In March 30th, HUAWEI disclosed its performance in 2017. The data showed that HUAWEI achieved 603 billion 600 million yuan in global sales in the past year, up 15.7% from a year earlier, and a net profit of 47 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 28.1% over the same period. In 2017, the R & D cost of HUAWEI was 89 billion 700 million yuan, up 17.4%, and the cost of R & D was over 394 billion yuan in the last ten years.

"Company deep read" noted that at the same time a significant increase in performance, the salary of HUAWEI employees also increased rapidly. The annual report of HUAWEI in 2017 showed that the cost of its employees was 140 billion 285 million yuan, up 15.11% from 121 billion 872 million yuan in 2016.

In employee costs, HUAWEI paid 106 billion 851 million yuan for employees' wages, salaries and other benefits in 2017, up nearly 12 billion 700 million yuan from 2016. In addition, there are 17 billion 155 million yuan in the "time unit plan".

The report shows that, the plan is the profit sharing and employee performance bonus plan based on the HUAWEI group within the scope of the implementation, five years can enjoy the cash payment of income right time incentive units of employees from the date of grant, including the annual revenue and total revenue at the end of.

In addition, HUAWEI in 2017 in the turnover plan under the 16 billion 279 million yuan also took place, compared with 14 billion 617 million yuan in 2016 increased by 1 billion 662 million yuan.

In the annual report, HUAWEI also said that at present, there are about 180 thousand HUAWEI employees, with more than 160 nationalities, and the local ratio of overseas employees is about 70%.

Calculated by 180 thousand employees, it does not calculate the amount of the turnover plan. It only calculates the amount of employees' salaries, salaries and other benefits and time units under the planned projects. In 2017, the average annual salary of HUAWEI employees was 688 thousand and 900 yuan.

The average annual salary level was 100 thousand higher than in 2016. The 2016 annual report of HUAWEI showed that HUAWEI paid 94 billion 179 million yuan for employees' wages, salaries and other benefits, as well as a "time unit plan" of 13 billion 76 million yuan.

As of 2016, HUAWEI had a total of 180 thousand employees. According to this calculation, in 2016, HUAWEI employees received wages, salaries and other benefits, plus time unit plans, with an average of 595 thousand and 800 yuan per person.

According to HUAWEI's 2017 annual report, HUAWEI is the 100% private enterprise owned by employees. The shareholders are the HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd trade union committee and Ren Zhengfei. Through the union, the company implements the employee stock ownership plan. By December 31, 2017, the employee stock ownership plan participated in the number of 80818 people, participating in the employees of the company.

In December 20, 2017, the registered capital of HUAWEI has changed from $14 billion 941 million to $16 billion 435 million. The two shareholders of HUAWEI holdings are the HUAWEI trade union committee and Ren Zhengfei. In the capital increase, the contribution of the labor union committee increased from 14 billion 790 million yuan to 16 billion 269 million yuan, and Ren Zhengfei's personal contribution increased from 151 million yuan to 166 million yuan, and the increase of both sides increased by 10% compared with last year.

A staff member from HUAWEI said to the company's "deep reading" that the number of new employees held every year is allocated according to personal performance, working years and the number of stocks held by individuals. The company also provides personal credit loans, which can lend money to employees to buy stocks.

An old employee of Shenzhen HUAWEI told the company that he had raised hundreds of thousands of money last year to buy shares in the company.

In 2014, HUAWEI introduced the Time Unit Plan (TUP) Shareholding plan to its foreign employees.

A HUAWEI employee said to the company's "deep reading". Compared with stock, TUP doesn't spend money on employees, but unlike stock, it can enjoy dividends all the time. TUP can only get 5 years of earnings and no longer work. It's more incentive. He said: "now the price of internal stock is too fierce, the income is not so big, change into TUP, everyone is happy."

He said that the performance assessment in 2017 will be completed in February this year, and the bonus and TUP awards will be issued in May.

In 2017, it was the twenty-seventh year of HUAWEI's employee stock ownership system.

Mechanical Industry Publishing House "won the game of death: an innovative way to break HUAWEI" mentioned in a book, in general, hires a year later, HUAWEI will be based on employee performance to employee placement, if employees with annual bonuses to buy their own internal stock, the purchase price per share for one yuan. As a new employee annual bonus not to distribute the stock sales, HUAWEI company can apply for loans, and then after participating in.

According to statistics, the rate of return on investment in HUAWEI's internal workers is over 70% each year, sometimes even up to 80%. As of 2014, HUAWEI's net income per share was expected to be RMB 5.42 yuan per share after the dividend.

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