An ambulance driver collude with a gangster to kill a number of patients

An ambulance driver collude with a gangster to kill a number of patients

Overseas network December 23 recently, Italy Sicily a "death ambulance" intentional homicide case was exposed. An ambulance driver was suspected of co - operating with a funeral home, killing a ambulance, with a "dead man's fortune". The driver involved in the case is now under arrest.

According to Hongkong East network reported that the incident is located in the town of Sicily than Cavila (Biancavilla), the 42 year old ambulance driver charged from the hospital to pick up patients on his way home, with a syringe to air is injected into the patient's blood vessels, so that patients with vascular air embolism.

The driver then disguised the incident as a medical accident, and "good-hearted" advised the family to send the remains to a designated funeral home. The funeral parlors are actually operated by local gangsters, and the drivers can get 300 euros (about 2300 yuan) for each "supply" of a corpse.

The seemingly seamless killings plan was uncovered by a whistleblower to the law enforcement department and television station. The prosecutor described the driver how to help patients into the air, and to take advantage of the families of the sad and unable to handle the funeral mentality, recommend familiar funeral home and other means.

After the scandal, triggered by the local Public opinion is seething with indignation. The prosecutorial Department launched an emergency investigation after the case was reported. The ambulance driver was arrested for killing at least 3 patients. The authorities suspected that the murder plan had begun as early as 2012, and more than 50 people had died in the area over the years, and 12 of them were "bizarre". (overseas network Aman Chang)

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