Post-90s resignation of the money: the principal half a year over 6 times the supervision of the coming collapse of the night

Post-90s resignation of the money: the principal half a year over 6 times the supervision of the coming collapse of the night

They are living in the ordinary people around us, they go by, truck drivers, Chinese aunt, speculators...... Their day together blending fuel, but different flavor. From now on, China and the new warp and weft will introduce the 2017 of ordinary people in the end of the 2017 year, and take you to see their lives.

Virtual currency was born a year many wealth legend, and supervision of the pledge ordered many rich Mengsui bar. Now, the new "leek" collective sea, trying to regain dreams "".

The 24 year old 90s young Gang Zuo Yi (the pseudonym) is one of them. "I am a 'leek'," said Zuo Yi to the middle and new warp and weft, "but it's a 'old leek'."

In fact, for nearly half a year, the book capital of Zuo Yi has been 6 times more than 10 times the highest. He set a 2 million goal for next year, and he said it should be easy to achieve. At the same time, the empty, the anxiety, the friend's estrangement also entangled him.

The "circle of lustrous and dazzling"

"Now is the age of a bit of two Jetta," he wrote recently in a circle of friends. At that time, bitcoin ushered in a wave of soaring, and created a new record in December 17th exceeded $20 thousand.

Half a year before the clock, Zuo was also engaged in a car exhibition in Chongqing. This summer, after a trip to Yunnan with a friend who had fried money, he decided to quit his job and go to Qingdao with his friends to stir up money in a full-time job, which broke the regular track of life.

The left Yi into the "coin circle" is a crazy moment, the domestic virtual currency since June, almost every weekend there will be ICO project promotion, block chain summit, "blind coin" and "young model"...... All the people and horses came in and snapped up their tokens.

In August, the left Yi carrying block chain summit printing Gucci handbag appeared in the country. Every time he came out of the meeting, the blonde beauty was filled with flyers, and occasionally was greeted to register for gifts at the booth. "I have to go to the meeting to look at all the items to distinguish the good and the bad, and I am constantly learning." Zuo Yi said that he insisted on the value investment, mainly depending on the team team, the content of the project and the referee decided whether to invest.

Now, every day to get up and before going to bed, left will log into the virtual currency trading platform to view the market, this is his new habits after the money. And his main job is to interact with some of the investment people built with his friends, answer questions, browse the industry information, and occasionally help raise some funds for private placement. Zuo Yi thinks that information is very important for the frying people. He shared several WeChat public numbers to the new Sino Jingwei. "I think the contents are pretty good. Every day we will see it. We will share some information with each other in the group, playing this depends mainly on news."

The price of waking money doubled overnight

A crazy money ring, so early into the left Yi here tasted the sweetness. In August, a ICO project of Zuo Yi invested a soaring price of tokens, rising from tens of yuan to 300 yuan. "Once, I bought 80 yuan, slept for a night, woke up the price of currency exceeded 160 yuan, and even doubled." Zuo said frankly, "it's just lying down to make money."

Different from the stock market, the global virtual currency trading 24 hours, let the currency speculation passenger 's nerve moment tight, wake up, a few happy tears. If it is short line operation, at first left Yi is still more tense, but a long time is a lot more leisurely. "I will set a limit or lower limit to their own, to achieve this figure flew away." Zuo Yi said that he opened the software and looked at the market.

September regulation comes, good times don't last long, virtual currency faces an uncertain future. In September 4th, the Central Bank jointly ministries issued "on the issue of financing risk prevention token notice" requirements of various types of tokens, stop financing behavior, and repaying arrangements, trading platform also banned currency trading, then bitcoin China, fire currency network, OKCoin trading platform closed domestic trading platform.

"What's going up in August, what's going to fall in September, the stronger the tokens have gone up before, the faster the regulation comes." Zuo Yi recalls, suffering some time indeed, their participation in the ICO project have coin, he recognized the blockchain value, also believe that overseas survival space, but the prospects for the development of many ICO project is unknown to make him feel anxious and fearful.

What makes him sad most is that some of his friends who have previously recommended money for money have been alienated from ICO under the supervision of the money. After September, he set the information of ICO projects that he had sent in his friends circle before himself. "Before recommending some projects, they are not suitable now. Time has checked the advantages and disadvantages of projects." The project that Zuo Yi thinks well before is now proved to be a deception.

Since then, Zuo Yi did not retreat, and moved to the overseas trading platform with the fried currency army. Today, more than 100 thousand yuan of the amount he would choose OTC, contact the WeChat or Alipay buyers direct transfer. "The platform transaction fee is too expensive." He said.

I worried about the regulatory goals for next year 2 million

After the introduction of regulatory policies, the left Yi is very sensitive to the regulatory information: "policy, to take advantage of". In November, bitcoin opened up a boom market due to multiple positive news such as bitcoin futures and so on. Zuo Yi bought several bitcoins at 40 thousand yuan. At the beginning of December, he heard about two bitcoin regulatory hearsay exceptionally tight, "the days really worry, eat sleep is not practical." Then Zuo was sold at nearly 70 thousand yuan, and the stone landed on his heart, but he also missed the frenzied rise of 100 thousand yuan.

After half a year's turnover, the money in Zuo Yi's hand has been fried to 600 thousand yuan from the initial 100 thousand yuan, and the highest book has reached 1 million yuan. At present, Zuo Yi holds four virtual currencies. "With those hundreds of millions of people, this is my pale into insignificance by comparison, I am their harvest 'leek'." Zuo Yi is still calm in judging the situation of the currency circle, and the income of his half year is a few years' income.

In the time of the operation of the money, the left Yi who has not many friends in Qingdao often feels empty, and will miss the relatives of the old family in Jilin and the friends of Chongqing. Fitness, swimming, hand travel, entertainment, left Yi so to send their leisure time.

"Sometimes I feel very decadent, so now I start to learn English, I want to go to Australia to study." Zuo Yi said that it is very important to mix English in the currency circle. We know that projects and overseas information are all used, but our English is so poor that some of them cannot be named.

And far away from the workplace also let him worry about derailment from the society. Mr. Zuo said frankly that he wanted to find a full-time job in the past, and the virtual currency trading platform and project team might be a good choice. Then he added, but currency speculation although seemingly more free time, see the information, also occasionally help private placement to raise funds to send the contract to do some trivial things. "There seems to be nothing to do at the end of the day, but it seems to have done something." With regard to future career planning, Zuo Yi doesn't seem to have a good plan.

"Coin circle" Fengjueyungui, left Yi set 2 million goals for their next year, in his opinion, it is relatively easy to achieve. For the "speculator" hat of the fried guest, Zuo Yi believes that any investment choice has a speculative mentality. All of them want to get high profits. Some of the customers do not see the value of the currency. If they want to get high returns, they will be speculative.

The left Yi thought for a few seconds, Schmidt, "my current understanding of the blockchain is not very thorough, if speculation is not excessive." But for the new things of the virtual currency, he is always looking forward to it.

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