A 16 year old girl's job model was deceived by a nightclub aunt as a candidate for a interview

A 16 year old girl's job model was deceived by a nightclub aunt as a candidate for a interview

Original title: a 16 year old girl's job model was cheated into a nightclub. After the incident, her aunt made an interview as a candidate.

Apply for models, but cheated to Fujian in an escort service in the nightclub. According to Xiaoli's aunt, in order to find out the truth of the matter, he used to be an applicant to know the situation of the company. The introduction of the company's staff is exactly the same with Xiaoli's experience.

The afternoon of December 22nd, Shaanxi city newspaper reporters once again came to the company interview, but still have to "cold-shoulder treatment", and the company responsible Liu's mobile phone is still in a state of no answer. The model company of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has a complete certificate, and there is no illegal action during the operation.

On the 22 day, Fujian's local media "Strait Metropolis Daily" contacted our newspaper reporter. He said he would pay attention to the fact that Shaanxi girl was cheated into Anxi night club. He would join hands with the local public security department to check the night club.

Aunt Xiaoli

I went to apply for them and said they wouldn't go to the place of entertainment

Have been back from Fujian for 3 days, Mary heart chord or tight.

Aunt Zhang Li (the pseudonym) in the eyes, anxious in the heart. These two days, in order to help children get out of that nightmare experience as soon as possible, she plays with Xiaoli in the daytime and sleeps with her at night, trying not to let her children touch the phone.

"Although we are very careful, but her mood is always very low." 22, Zhang Li said in an interview with reporters, their children encountered such a thing, let them both angry and distressed, "we contact the media exposure of the matter, in addition to children for an explanation, hope that the other girls don't be deceived."

Zhang Li told reporters, "in fact, on the 20 day of our family to go to this company to discuss the statement, I used to go to this company first. Because we do not know what is the specific situation of the company, I first as candidates to see. I come to apply for the results they heard, hurriedly give me treatment, work environment, blew so much as I feel as if it were raining flowers, Mary's girl inexperienced, certainly will believe their lies, then you will be."

When she arrived at the company, Zhang Li said, one of the staff asked her to fill out a basic information table and then come to talk to her about the follow-up work. "There is no formal interview process at all. Because we all know that there must be some requirements for dry models, and there are strict rules for height and appearance, and even basic skills. But they don't have these processes over there, and the feeling is that you can do it as long as you want to. " Zhang Li also intentionally asked the other person to go to the show where the general is like, will be a place of entertainment. "They told me certainly not, that is to take part in some regular business, show and show, and say that the working places are in Beijing, Shanghai and other front-line cities. The basic salary of a month is 3000 yuan, plus six thousand or seven thousand yuan. In fact, the experience of my nieces tells us that these are false. "

Uncle Xiaoli

Hope that the relevant departments should check

Xiaoli's uncle, Qi Yu, told reporters that he received "flower list" for nearly a month by his niece. Qi Yue told reporters that the "flower money" is the equivalent of a niece's tip, that is, her salary. "The child is in the office for 29 days, and these tips add up to more than 2900 yuan, and that's the money she hasn't got."

According to Xiao Li, "it's normal to postpone the payment of the bill over there. The girl we were together for several months, said to get more than 10 thousand yuan, the nightclub still owed 20 thousand yuan.

These days, Qi Yue's most wanted person is Liu Mou, the head of Xi'an thousand billion Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. "I just want to ask him face to face why he can send a young girl who is not yet a mature child to such a thing, if it is changed, is it your relatives who have suffered such a thing? What about your conscience? "

Qi Yue said, in December 21st, he briefly passed a telephone call from Liu, but in the face of his questioning, Liu said, "this is my fault, I don't know Xiaoli minor."

This statement makes Qi Yue furious, "Xiao Li's plane tickets are all he bought, and I don't know that the child's age is completely lying. In addition, whether these girls have no adult, as long as it is unknowingly taken against his will to do those things, the company is to earn money meixin. Hope that the relevant departments can be strictly checked, and also hope that other girls must shine their eyes when they apply for a job, and be beware of being cheated.

Industry and Commerce Department

More attention will be paid to the company in the later work

Is the model company called "Xi'an hundreds of billions of advertising culture communication limited"? What is their main business? 22, the reporter contacted the jurisdiction of Xiaozhai road and query.

The responsible person told reporters that the company was founded in May 15, 2014, with a registered capital of 1 million 100 thousand. The company's legal name is Liu. Its license is complete, and records show no abnormalities. "Operating for more than 3 years, annual report, annual report, operation are very normal, there is no record of punishment. The main business of the report is the organization and planning of corporate image planning, marketing, cultural exchange activities and so on, and has a wide range of business. " The responsible person said, according to Mr. Qi reflect that Hamlet road and in the later work to strengthen the company's attention.

In addition, the Strait Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the newspaper 22 days ago. They said they would check with Xiaoli night club after they communicated with the local police.

Source: Shaanxi city newspaper

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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