Us Chinese Shooting: West Point was admitted and died to save the posthumous Medal

Us Chinese Shooting: West Point was admitted and died to save the posthumous Medal

Original title: a Chinese teenager in the US shooting case "helping others escape": a missed admission notice

In February 14th, 17 people were killed in the shooting of the marshal high school in Parke blue, Florida, United States. Wang Mengjie (Peter Wang), a 15 year old Chinese teenager, was killed in the end in order to help other students escape.

This morning local time, Wang Mengjie's funeral was held in Florida, the United States Army awarded Chinese teenager Wang Mengjie Medal of heroism and admitted he was in West Point, class of 2025.

A dream of the West

West Point was Wang Mengjie's dream, and he had planned to go to West Point when he graduated from high school. Chad Maxi, an alumna of West Point, said in his interview with Sun Sentinel that the school will give his family members an admission notice and a certificate of honor, in order to commemorate his dream with the letter of admission.

On the 20 day of the West Point, the article on twitter said:

"One of the tasks of West Point is to cultivate leaders who are responsible for the country, honor and responsibility. And Wang Mengjie's actions at the time of the shooting are typical of these rules. "

Wang Meng jagon high school, became a U.S. Army junior ROTC (JROTC) members, this is a training potential American officer plan. When the time of the shooting, Wang Mengjie also wore uniforms JROTC uniform, with his body against the door, to help his students to escape.

The U. S. Army also awarded two other juvenile Alaina Petty and Martin Duque heroes. The governor of Florida also instructed the State National Guard to pay tribute to the three JROTC members at their funeral.

Like basketball and hip-hop music

Wang Mengjie spent his childhood in China and later to the United States.

His best friend, Gabriel Amirata, said Wang Mengjie was "very interesting, friendly, and a good friend." The two met in the primary school in Westchester, and springs middle school spent Sargeras for a period of time, they often watch anime, Naruto and dragon ball.

His friends say Wang Mengjie often plays basketball. He is also a fan of Houston's rockets and hip-hop music, or a good shooter.

His cousin Chen Yalun (Aaron Chen) shared a video on Facebook, describing some of his most valuable memories of Wang Mengjie, and appealed to the world to remember his spirit.

In this four minute video, Chen Yalun could hardly hold back his tears. Chen Yalun said his cousin helped him to adapt to the life of the United States.

"If it were not for him, I would have died long ago. He had not been bullied at school when I first came to the United States. Although he was one year younger than me, he protected me, and I couldn't protect him when the shooting happened. "

"I have sent a message to families who lost their loved ones on that day - you are not alone. We won't let that happen again to anyone, anywhere.

Full of smiles

People who know Wang Mengjie say the 15 year old is "always happy, energetic and smiling."

According to BBC, Mark Moore, the father of Wang Mengjie's friend, recalled that Wang Mengjie is a very caring child. "He is smart, funny and always smiles." Wang Mengjie's years of neighbours and friends, Pan Zengyan, said:

"When we saw the body, his parents were all fainted. Another student said that Wang Mengjie saw the teacher being shot and he went to help the teacher. There were several guns in Wang Mengjie. They were all on the front. It was too bad. "

Wang Mengjie's cousin Chen Lin said that Wang Mengjie was very much expected to join the family in the Lunar New Year party and receive red packets. This family will never be the same before. Wang Mengjie's parents were unable to be interviewed because of their excessive sadness.

"If he didn't try to help others, he could have survived. He is too brave to be sincere and friendly to everyone. He is like a big brother everyone wants to have. "

According to the Miami Herald, Wang Mengjie's actions have inspired thousands of people. The petition for an honorary military funeral for Wang Mengjie has more than 28000 signatures. On Reddit, more than 150 strangers signed up for Wang Mengjie's commemoration.

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