Chinese American boy to protect the students shot to honor bury

Chinese American boy to protect the students shot to honor bury

Original title: Chinese American boy to protect the students shot to honor bury

Overseas network on 19 February, 14 local time, the United States of Florida, a middle school in sudden shootings, killing at least 17 people. A 15 year old Chinese teenager died in order to protect his classmates' safety. The event triggered local Chinese circles, and the final Wang Mengjie will be buried in honor of salute.

According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" quoted the U.S. "world news" reported that the U.S. state of Florida Fujian Association said 18 government agencies have received confirmation of self sacrifice in the state of Florida city Parke LAN campus shootings in Wang Mengjie (Peter Wang), held on 20 funeral, the honor to bury.

The Florida Association of Fujian, founding president Wang Mengjie funeral committee member Jiang Hongqing 18, said in an interview, 20 on the morning of 11, will be in Coral Springs (Coral Springs) korier funeral home (Kraeer Funeral Home) at Wang Mengjie's funeral, there will be military etiquette soldiers will also carry the coffin, covered by the national flag, in recognition of Wang Mengjie in the shooting, regardless of their own life, bravely against the door, let the students out of the first act.

The members of the JROTC (Colton Haab) said Harb classmate Wang Mengjie said, Wang Mengjie was only thinking in mind, "I want to make sure that every person can safely follow my parents home." Haab said, although they are not formal soldiers, but Wang Mengjie with military spirit, make people admire.

The funeral committee pointed out that the school's Blau Ward (Broward County) the Sheriff has confirmed to them, will be Wang Mengjie with a military funeral etiquette, 20 funeral details from the Florida government directly with the funeral arrangements. Jiang Hongqing said the governor of Florida, Stott (Rick Scott), is also expected to attend the funeral.

Wang Mengjie's mother Li Huiying said that Wang Mengjie wore military uniform on the day of the shooting. When he sent it to the funeral parlour, a military representative came to help his body with the national flag.

According to overseas network reported earlier, 14, local time, a high school in Florida, USA, a shootout. A student who had studied here shot and killed at least 17 people. The gunman has been arrested by the police. It is reported that the victims also included 15 year old Chinese young Wang Mengjie, who was killed in order to evacuate his classmates. On the 15 day of the 1 day, he planned to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival with his family, but he didn't want it. (overseas network Li Meng)

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