English Heathrow airport is 79 Chinese for one thousand? Business response

English Heathrow airport is 79 Chinese for one thousand? Business response

Original title: World Duty Free, a duty-free shop at Heathrow Airport, UK: an investigation has been carried out

Source: the morning news

World Duty Free: thank the customers for feedback on the VIP voucher. First time, investigate and identify the problems, and correct the existing problems immediately. The terms of the voucher are equally valid for all customers. What do you think?

Early news:

[Heathrow airport duty-free shops with what foreigners spend 79 pounds to receive coupons, Chinese will cost 1000? For what? ]2 month 11 days, claiming to have odd jobs in the second terminal at Heathrow airport duty-free shops China students @ human milk broke the news that the duty-free shops in the price difference between China consumer requirements Chinese guests must pay 1000 pounds to receive coupons, but foreigners pay only 79 pounds, "the Chinese when the monkey". Reporters call the relevant person in charge of media affairs at Heathrow airport, the other one is to verify the matter will shuffle, suggested that reporters to the headquarters of interrogation. At present, Heathrow Airport @HeathrowAirport has already apologized: the Heathrow Airport has expressed its sincere apologies for the controversy and mood caused by a partner's coupons promotional activities.

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