A new record of 486 tons of steel ingot was set up in China.

A new record of 486 tons of steel ingot was set up in China.

In January 4th, the successful casting of 486 tons of ingot from CITIC Heavy Industry was formally entered into the forging process. This is the largest ingot cast by the company, which highlights the ability of CITIC Heavy Industry to produce large cutting-edge forgings.

The hydraulic press is coordinated with the manipulator, like the kneading surface, which can easily and repeatedly forge 486 tons of steel ingots. According to the technological requirements, the first stage of the 486 ton steel ingot is successfully completed, which shows the high efficiency and high quality working condition.

The steel ingot is a large type of ring forging, which is a large key forgings of a marine engineering project in China and is forged with 486 tons of steel ingot. Both the weight of the forgings and the specifications of the steel ingot have created the most important history of CITIC Heavy Industry, which is also the largest size of the domestic production of marine equipment and equipment for ring forgings.

The replacement ring is the core part of the offshore hydraulic pile driver. It belongs to the special-shaped ring forgings with external steps. Because of its complex shape and strict performance requirements, it is difficult to form, and few domestic manufacturers have the production capacity. Previously, it was mainly dependent on import, but because of the long production cycle and high purchasing price, the replacement ring has been a painful point for the domestic piling machine manufacturers.

The largest marine equipment for successful casting and forging ring forgings, marking the CITIC Heavy ability to meet large hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power equipment, hydrogenation, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other key forgings demand continued to strengthen, fully demonstrates the strength of enterprises Chinese increasing in large forgings and heavy equipment manufacturing industry.

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