Are you on the list of the world's 1234 line cities in 2018?

Are you on the list of the world's 1234 line cities in 2018?

Original title: do you look at your home on the list? In 2018, the world city system was ranked!   

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It seems to be the commonality of all human beings.

The singer actor struggles for the first line or the second line. On the side of the city, the competition is more intense. Everyone wants their city to be listed as a first tier city. If they are said to be a second tier city, they will feel unhappy.

Fortunately, now you do not have to argue, the authority of the rankings come, come together to see it!

Recently, the globalization and world city study group and network (Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network, hereinafter referred to as GaWC) announced the 2018 World Ranking city system, a total of 361 global city were selected, Beijing, Hongkong, Shanghai China in the.

GaWC divides the world city into four main grades: Alpha (Tier One), Beta (second tier city), Gamma (three line city), Sufficiency (self-sufficient City, also can be understood as four line city).

And each grade and area divided into a plurality of sub grade with a minus sign. In each file, divided into the highest level and the second + +, + +, no, and - file label, such as Alpha++ is the first tranche of first-tier cities, Alpha + is the first tranche of second line city.

In the 2018 ranking, there are only two top tier Alpha++ cities, namely London and New York. There are 7 cities in Alpha+: Singapore, Hongkong, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai and Shanghai.

Understand a little more:

GaWC, based on the Loughborough University in Britain, tries to define and classify world-class cities.

In 1999, GaWC issued the first system, authoritative ranking of the world's urban systems, and has since recently released the latest ranking for 2-4 years.

GaWC ranks the world cities with the distribution of the six "senior producer service institutions" in the world's major cities. It mainly includes: banking, insurance, law, consulting management, advertising and accounting, focusing on the leading role and driving ability of the city in global activities. That is to say, the more international organizations in these industries are distributed in cities, the higher the level is, the higher the score of cities is, and the more GaWC is considered as an influential world city.

What still hesitates? Let's announce the results of the latest list of data. See if your house is on the list?

First grade and first tier city


London, New York.

London and New York, as everyone for having heard it many times international metropolis and occupied the first two spot, is well deserved.

First second line city


Singapore, Hongkong, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, Shanghai.

The rapid rise of China over the past 10 years has attracted worldwide attention. It is not surprising that Beijing and Shanghai are entering the world's top cities.

First three line city


Sydney, St Paul, Milan, Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Moscow, Frankfurt, Madrid, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Toronto, Seoul, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Amsterdam, Brussels, Losangeles.

The Australian city also entered the list: Sydney ranked first in the first tier cities.

First four line city


Dublin, Melbourne, Washington, New Delhi, Bangkok, Zurich, Vienna, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Guangzhou, Manila, St. Francesco, Bogota, Luxemburg, Riyadh, Santiago, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Lisbon

The second first-tier cities: Beta+

The second tier: Beta

Shenzhen is in the list

The second line: Beta- three

Chengdu, Tianjin is in the list

Third line: Gamma+

Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao are in the list

Third line: Gamma

Chongqing, Dalian and Xiamen are listed in the list

Third line: Gamma- three

Wuhan, Suzhou, Changsha, Xi'an, Shenyang are in the list

Fourth first line: High sufficiency

Ji'nan is in the list

Fourth second line: Sufficiency

China, Kunming, Fuzhou, Taiyuan, Macao, Changchun, Hefei, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Harbin, etc. are listed in the list.

In any case, all the cities that can be listed on the list are international cities. What still hesitates? Come and share your city with a few line cities.

(source: MirrorNews of the Australian mirror. The picture comes from the network.

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