About 5G standards and challenges, HUAWEI and Ericsson say so.

About 5G standards and challenges, HUAWEI and Ericsson say so.

Original title: about 5G standards and challenges, HUAWEI and Ericsson say so

Reporter Qian Tongxin

5G technology is the beginning of the interconnection of all things. In the future world, everything can be connected, including the physical world we live in and the virtual digital world. The interface between the digital world and the physical world needs 5G technology to complete.

In order to meet the high performance requirements of the 5G network, the members of the standardized organization 3GPP need to vote for the coding scheme to select the best combination of anti-jamming, the highest energy utilization, the low system delay and the high utilization of the spectrum, which is applied to the multi terminal scene.

The core characteristics of communication -- standardization

Du Yeqing, vice president of HUAWEI 5G product line, said at the first financial technology and Innovation Conference, "the communications industry is the best standard for all industries," Du Yeqing, vice president of HUAWEI 5G product line. From these decades of development, all communication technologies must be standardized. In the era of mobile communications, China's mobile phones must have the same communication standards if they want to talk in Europe. Standardization is the core characteristic of communication. "

Du Yeqing pointed out that the 3GPP voting took place for two years, including HUAWEI and many Chinese enterprises, which are members of the 3GPP standard organization. "We aim and start with the maturity of the industry and the maximization of the interests of the industry to put forward our proposal so that this proposal will be recognized as a unified standard by everyone." "I personally think the related companies are doing things in this organization for the better development of the industry," Du Yeqing told the first financial reporter.

From 1G to 5G, what standard is a good standard? Zhang Zhiwei, the chief market officer of Ericsson's Northeast Asia, said: "the standard that can withstand the inspection of the industry, and finally let the industry go on, use it, benefit the standards of all human beings, is a good standard."

Zhang Zhiwei said that good technology should be used, and the biggest driving force is cross-border cooperation. "If this does not exist, many commercial participants, such as operators or industries, are not willing to invest, and can not be commercially available, but the biggest challenge to the whole 5G." Zhang Zhiwei said, "there are many excellent technologies in history, but the industry has not been promoted. So from technology, we can stand the test of technology.

The 5G standard will be launched in June and finalized in September. "This standard will serve as a link between the past and the future," Du Yeqing said. "Take 4G and be better than 4G." Looking forward to the work after the introduction of the 5G standard, Du Yeqing said it was mainly landing. He said, "we want to connect the features that 5G originally planned to connect, including multiple connections, and can connect one million objects in a square kilometer. It is such a series of science and technology to the ground. Now these experts, including Ericsson, including HUAWEI standards, are still discussing this. "

From the consumption of the Internet to the industrial Internet

Which industries will 5G be the first to fall to the ground? In its report, the Research Institute, Gartner, says, in addition to the three general-purpose cases, including high bandwidth applications, large-scale access to Internet applications, and extremely short-lived and reliable applications, 5G applications in the vertical industry will be the first to benefit the media, key information services in the public domain, intelligent transportation and vehicle networking, intelligent medical care and Remote surgery, Internet of things, and so on.

"Unicom's 5G deployment, in addition to some pilot cities, is the most important scene driven," Xin Keduo, the chairman of China Unicom and Unicom's chairman of China Unicom, said to the first financial reporter. The business of the Internet of vehicles is one of the particularly mature and typical applications in the 5G industry. In the entire 5G deployment of Unicom, the industrial Internet scenario will be a priority, such as automatic driving. Xin Keduo predicted that 2020 would be a crucial year for 5G. "At that time, if 5G technology is realized, there will be subversive changes in every aspect of our lives." He said.

Zhang Zhiwei said that 4G's previous technology created a very brilliant Internet economy that could be defined as the consumer Internet era, because it was centered around human centered; and 5G technology opened another door, the era of industrial Internet. "The scale of the economy that broke out by the industrial Internet is no less than that of the economies we consume now." Zhang Zhiwei said, "Ericsson has taken China's statistics, and the scale of 5G driven economy will reach nearly 1 trillion of the market value."

Zhang Zhiwei predicts that in the future, the digital islands of functional entities are expected to be broken, and the 5G technology will be connected to these isolated islands. "5G can generate completely new subversion, this is the integration of industry, and the possibility of its release is enormous." Zhang Zhiwei said, "we can imagine that 5G will bring huge economic benefits in the future of industrial Internet, especially high-end manufacturing."

Zhang Zhiwei insisted that cross-border development could drive industry development. "Similarly in Europe, Ericsson has another case that is used for the manufacture of jet engine parts." He told the first financial reporter, "in the past, manufacturing prices were very high, and the whole project lasted for several months. By grafting 5G ahead of time to the production system, the manufacturing cycle can be substantially shortened and at least 27 million euros a year for the aircraft engine parts manufacturing plant. "

In the second half of this year, Verizon, the US carrier, will formally launch 5G's application in fixed networks. Looking at what time 5G technology will benefit ordinary consumers, Zhang Zhiwei said: "at the end of this year, there will be a terminal commercial 5G instead of fiber users in the North American market, providing high bandwidth broadband access. The deployment and construction challenges for personal networks are much smaller than we thought.

He believes that the current threshold is mobile terminals. Zhang Zhiwei said: "this depends on the development of terminal chip technology. We predict that in the second half of 2019, there will be terminal handheld 5G commercial chips. But it also depends on applications, such as naked eye 3D, or AR and VR applications. Therefore, we believe that between 2020 and 2022, the benefits of 5G technology to individual consumers will gradually climb.

Du Yeqing is optimistic about the technological explosion produced by the combination of 5G and AI. "5G is a connection technology that should also include 5G fiber and artificial intelligence according to my understanding," he said. "I think this is the two most fundamental technology in the future of the development of the information industry."

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